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  • Quarter-Brock revelations

    Brock Osweiler is turning into one of the better quarterback prospects in the country. Few kids playing on Saturday combine his size, athleticism and quarterback acumen with a compact release. He’s 6’8″ but moves like a guy that is much smaller. He’s coordinated and shows decent footwork in the pocket. He seems to have the […]
  • Best of times, worst of times for Sun Devils

    If you’ve been reading my blogs the last few years, you’ve probably figured out that Charles Dickens is not very nervous I will soon be to his level as a writer. Unfortunately for both of us, I must plagiarize in order to write a summary to ASU/Oregon. This game really was the best of times […]
  • Notes from Cardinals Week 5 loss to Vikings

    Money America – Best jobs in America AZ v MIN TB AZ ball -20…15:00…0-0 Fitz drop…that’s not a good sign for the rest of the day…0 Wells behind Colledge…good seal from Sendlein…+6 Empty…tipped…INC…3 & out Punt…big return…+55 punt…-22y ret MIN ball -42…0-0…13:57 1st q Peterson…right at Williams…+4 Playfake…good rush from Dockett…INC Acho tip/drop…INC…fight after…no flag […]
  • ASU looking strong coming off of Week 6

    ASU is now 5-1. I think a lot of people predicted a fast start for ASU, but to be half-way home and achieve that success means a little more than pre-season prognostications. What a performance by the ASU defense. Again. Utah needed a fake punt to keep a drive alive and a flea flicker to […]
  • Cardinals face enigma in Vikings

    The Minnesota Vikings are a complete conundrum. Watching them on film belies the record they have posted after the first month of the season: they are talented, relatively young and completely better than 0-4. The Vikings have some of the best talent in the league on both sides of the ball. Donovan McNabb, Visanthe Shiancoe, […]
  • Sun Devils: Don’t worry, be happy

    Saturday was a great day for ASU. No matter what you saw on Saturday at Sun Devil Stadium, remember one thing. The only team from the Pac-12 South eligible to win the division and won was ASU. Arizona, Utah, Colorado and UCLA all lost. When the competition is as putrid as Oregon State, the expectation […]
  • Only team that could stop ASU is ASU

    It’s clear. Other than Oregon, whoever lines up against ASU is irrelevant. ASU’s competition is ASU. ASU is 3-1. Full disclosure: I’m 2-2. I thought ASU would beat Illinois but they’d lose to USC. After the ASU win I realized how much all four games have been more about ASU than the competition. The Illinois […]
  • Illinois loss shocking because of O-line’s performance

    I thought Arizona State football was done with these tough losses. No, I didn’t think they’d go 14-0 and compete for a national championship, but did think they had the leadership to pull out close games. One loss at Illinois doesn’t erase a potentially great Sun Devil season. Someone else in the Pac-12 South — […]
  • What’s wrong with the NFL

    The offense always lags behind the defense. This has been an axiom of football since the days of leather helmets and Wing-T’s. But this has not been the case in the National Football League in the year of Our Lord, 2011. Offenses have been lighting up defenses like a South Phoenix searchlight. Fourteen quarterbacks threw […]
  • Notes from Cardinals Week 1 win over Panthers

    K/O to CAR…ret to 20…holding CAR ball -7 Williams middle run…Lennon blew it up…+3 Playfake…deep out to Smith +14 Williams…Campbell shed block to make tackle…+2 Dockett collapsed outside…Newton stepped into D-Wash…-12 3rd & 14…INC…loud crowd…A-Dub in coverage Punt…OPP to -46 AZ ball 12:27 0-0 1st Q Wells middle…Hadnot trap block to open hole…+9 Heap underneath […]
  • Why Arizona State’s game against Missouri is amongst the biggest ever

    Welcome to the entire future of Arizona State football. The past, present and future all meet Friday. It is impossible to over-hype this game. There is so much on the line that this is one of the biggest games in the history of the program. I can easily understand any old school fans that think […]
  • Beanie Wells more Mr. Hyde than Dr. Jekyll

    Beanie Wells is close to becoming a monster. Watching him run last week in Green Bay made me think of Mr. Hyde, not the benevolent Dr. Jekyll. Beanie ran with bad intentions, dare I say malice. AJ Hawk found that out the hard way and so did some other unsuspecting Packers defenders. I want to […]
  • Sun Devils couldn’t survive the off-season

    ASU has had the worst off-season in college football for any team who hasn’t done anything wrong. I was in a small training room underneath Arizona Stadium following the blocked extra point that won the Duel last December. Lisa Love and Dennis Erickson exchanged an embrace that seemed to include years of frustration being released […]
  • What I Want to See from Kevin Kolb in Preseason

    Kevin Kolb has been the story of the lockout. He was the number-one topic of conversation during the labor dispute and soon will be the most scrutinized starting quarterback of the 2011 season. The scrutiny will begin in earnest Thursday night when the Arizona Cardinals play the Oakland Raiders in week one of the NFL’s […]
  • Doug’s Camp Cardinals blog

    Day #9 (8/8/11) SHOW: Had Kevin Spenser on and Calais Campell. Coach Spenser is the special teams coach and he’s going to have a real interesting camp. There are 90 guys here. In a very short time he’s got to figure out who he wants on his special teams units. It’s a very interesting dynamic […]