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  • Katherine Webb and trivia are not a good match

    Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, has made quite a name for herself since appearing throughout the 2013 BCS National Championship broadcast. The beautiful brunette starred on ABC’s reality TV show Splash, reported from Super Bowl Media Day and made an appearance in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition. And now we can add game show […]
  • Worst first pitch ever? Probably

    We’ve all seen a ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. Usually thrown by a celebrity or someone affiliated with the home team in some way, every now and then a regular Joe Schmoe gets the chance to step on the mound and fire one to the plate. However, it’s not always a good pitch. […]
  • Yankees retired numbers said with great cuteness

    Seventeen different players have had their numbers retired by the New York Yankees. You could probably name a few of them, and we would all be impressed. However, we would not go “awwwwwww” like we do for the video below. Young CC is quizzed on the subject, and passes the test with great enthusiasm and […]
  • Florida lawyer really wants Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow is a free agent after being cut by the New York Jets last month. Tebow played his high school football at Nease in Ponte Vedra, a suburb of Jacksonville. Jacksonville has an NFL team (although that’s arguable) that has had quarterback issues. See the connection? Many in the Jacksonville area want the woeful […]
  • Professional golfer hits 500-yard drive

    You know that scene in the movie “Tin Cup,” where Roy McAvoy (Kevin Costner) challenges David Simms (Don Johnson) to see who could hit the ball farther with a 7-iron. McAvoy, of course, was a bigger hitter. However, Simms was smarter. He hit his ball onto the road, where it went bouncing and bouncing until […]
  • Mr. Fitz goes to Washington

    Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is hard to catch on the football field — and hard to keep up with off of it. Fitzgerald continued his constant offseason worldwide travel by visiting Washington D.C., where he hung out with Arizona Senator John McCain. Thank you @senjohnmccain for your time and amazing tour of the […]
  • Ex-Lions WR Titus Young arrested twice in 15 hours

    Did you have a bad day? Well, odds are it pales in comparison to the one ex-Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young had last Sunday. In a 15-hour span, the former second-round pick was arrested not once but TWICE. According to the Oakland Press, after making an illegal turn in front of a police car […]
  • Texas Tech has offseason warning for football players

    As soon as the spring semester ends, colleges don’t really have much control over their students. That includes athletes and, well, it could be a problem if they don’t spend their summers staying in shape. Home cooking, old friends and bad habits could come back to haunt the kids, which could then be an issue […]
  • Football coach signs ultrasound, not his child though

    It would have been a little less weird had the ultrasound been of his own child. Still weird, but less so. Anyway, Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen was photographed signing a picture of an unborn child that is not his. At least, we’re pretty sure it’s not. Joe Galbraith, who is the assistant […]
  • Steve Nash: Still in someone’s playoffs?

    Steve Nash’s Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated in four games by the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the NBA’s playoffs. However, that apparently is not enough to prevent Nash from contributing to some team’s cause. As reported by ESPN, Nash leads the New York Rangers in shots during their Stanley Cup Playoff […]
  • Local head shop ‘welcomes’ Tyrann Mathieu to town

    Tyrann Mathieu failed a lot of drug tests during his college career at LSU. That’s because Tyrann Mathieu smoked a lot of marijuana during his college career at LSU. The Arizona Cardinals made Mathieu their third-round draft pick last month in move that was both praised and questioned. Most believe that if Mathieu can keep […]
  • Nick Saban pulls photobomb on Graduation Day

    Alabama football head coach Nick Saban is known for a lot of things — winning back-to-back BCS titles among them — but having a sense of humor probably wouldn’t be found at the top of the list. But, as he’s proved in Baton Rouge and Tuscaloosa, Saban has no problem reinventing himself. The Crimson Tide […]
  • Ziggy Ansah receives free IMAX admission for a year

    Ziggy Ansah hasn’t played a snap in the NFL yet, but the Detroit Lions’ No. 5 overall pick is already learning that there are some perks to playing in the league. The BYU standout made quite a fashion statement on Draft Night by wearing 3D glasses he had picked up while seeing the movie “Thor”. […]
  • Pantsless fan mars Houston Rockets broadcast

    Okay, made you look. Because the video below is probably the cutest photobomb ever. In the aftermath of the Houston Rockets’ Game 5 win over Oklahoma City Wednesday night, a toddler was walking on the floor at Chesapeake Energy Center — and in the background of the camera shot of the postgame hosts on Comcast […]
  • Oklahoma City Thunder hope synchronized flopping becomes an Olympic sport

    OK, this is just plain ridiculous. Midway through the second quarter of the game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets Wednesday, Thunder guards Derek Fisher and Thabo Sefolosha tried to stop Rockets center Omer Asik from rolling to the basket. They did this by getting in his way and then falling down. At […]
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