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  • Cardinals quarterback ends up on Craigslist

    Apparently struggles at the quarterback position are ripe for comedic fodder. And poor spelling. An ad was placed on Craigslist with the title “Arizona Cardinal Quarterback – $1”. Someone is trying to basically give John Skelton away. Dubbed a “slightly used quarterback”, the listing says Skelton “can not seem to look away from entended receiver” […]
  • Steve Nash is more PSY than PG these days

    Known traitor and Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash has been out since October 31 due to a fractured fibula. Unable to help his team on the court, the 38-year-old is left to figure out other ways to contribute. So, he dances. Nash was caught on camera during a recent game dancing to PSY’s […]
  • Bowling slows Bynum’s comeback with the Sixers

    There’s been some strange injuries in the world of sports over the years. From Glenallen Hill’s spider-filled nightmare to Sammy Sosa’s sneezing-induced strained back to Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica’s ridiculous first half celebration turned ACL tear. Sixers center Andrew Bynum’s latest injury may not be quite as out there as some of the ones listed […]
  • Soccer stadium no match for Mother Nature

    Finally the age-old question of who would win in a fight, Mother Nature or a soccer stadium, has been answered. And it’s not the soccer stadium. Some incredible video shot in Portugal shows Estádio Dr. Francisco Vieira getting roughed up by a tornado that rolled through the area Thursday, leaving plenty of damage in its […]
  • Foles’ start marks the end of a ridiculous streak

    It’s official. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will miss Sunday’s game against the Washington Redskins as he recovers from a concussion suffered last week. That means rookie Nick Foles will take the controls of the Eagles’ offense in his first start as a professional quarterback. And when Foles takes that first snap Sunday, a remarkable, […]
  • Basketball player misses four shots…in a row…at his own basket

    You haven’t really played basketball until you’ve accidentally taken a shot at your own hoop. OK, maybe that’s just us. Anyway, a basketball player in Belgium whose name will remain anonymous (because can’t find it and we figure he’d rather not have it shared), picked a good time to go cold from the field. H/T […]
  • No teammates around, so James Harden high-fives air

    Former Arizona State Sun Devil and Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden is quite a character. He’s also a hell of a basketball player, though that’s not what this article is going to focus on. No, instead we are going to look at what Harden did after he already put the ball in the bucket. […]
  • Rick Reilly not aware that he was live

    Oh, live televison. When there’s enough live TV, there’s bound to be a slip-up. Such was the case Monday night when Rick Reilly of ESPN wasn’t aware that the video had run out and he and the other panelists wrapping up the Steelers’ overtime win over the Chiefs were live. Reilly asks Stuart Scott if […]
  • Kobe Bryant ‘death stare’ gets video game treatment

    The Los Angeles Lakers fired head coach Mike Brown just five games into the 2012-13 season. Sure, the Lakeshow got off to a 1-4 start, but with a roster full of new players, like the injured Steve Nash, many feel like the coach deserved more of a chance to fix things. There are those who […]
  • Arizona Cardinals get a midseason logo

    Remember when the Arizona Cardinals were 4-0? The team was the talk of the league, combining an elite defense with quality special teams play and an offense that did just enough to get the job done. That’s all in the past. Losers of five straight games, the Cardinals are not only fading out of the […]
  • She doesn’t play football like a girl

    If you believe what they said in the 1993 comedy The Sandlot, the worst insult a young boy can hurl toward another is “you play ball like a girl!” Suffice it to say nobody in The Gremlin League in Salt Lake City, Utah has ever used that line on 9-year-old Sam Gordon — and she […]
  • ASU women’s basketball tries the ‘Gangnam Style’

    It seems just about everyone and their mother has tried their hand at parodying the widely-popular “Gangnam Style” by Korean rapper Psy. You can now add the ASU women’s basketball team to that group this week. In all fairness to Charli Turner Thorne’s squad, they shouldn’t quit their day job — as student-athletes that is. […]
  • Every NBA fan in 2:30

    You may remember the videos we’ve posted earlier on The Haboob that featured every NFL fan in 90 seconds and every Pac-12 fan in 60 seconds. Well, the folks over The NOC are at it again — this time posting a video depicting every NBA fan in about 2:30. Check out the Suns offering at […]
  • Amar’e Stoudemire’s already bad week gets even worse

    Things have not gone particularly well for New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire. Entering his third season with the team, Stoudemire is currently shelved for an estimated 6-8 weeks following knee surgery, and his status as one of the league’s elite players has quickly faded since he left the Valley of the Sun for the […]
  • Quite possibly the worst uniforms ever

    OK, the crazily-designed uniform has gone too far. Seriously. Carol City High School in Miami will actually wear these monstrosities on a field in a game and attempt to keep a straight face. Follow @Vincemarotta