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Bledsoe trade to Bucks puts Cavs fans, and maybe LeBron, in a bad mood

The NBA’s drama is heading away from Twitter and to Instagram.

So let’s get the latest LeBron James theory out of the way. On Monday night, just before the news broke that the Phoenix Suns traded Eric Bledsoe to the Milwaukee Bucks, James posted the infamous clinched-fist Arthur meme to his Instagram page with the caption, “Mood…”

Was this a reaction to the Atlanta Hawks losing to the Boston Celtics and former teammate Kyrie Irving, who have won nine in a row to stand atop the Eastern Conference as James and the creaky-legged Cleveland Cavaliers have fallen to 4-6?


Or was it that James knew that a trade was already in the works involving Bledsoe joining another conference contender?

NBA analysts like J.E. Skeets of NBATV and ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby show both saw it as a reasonable explanation.

James posted a follow-up attempted to explain that the Arthur meme is always his mood. He also told reporters he likes Arthur.

Sure. Whatever, LeBron.

The guy is friends with Bledsoe, shares the same agency, and despite Cleveland hoping to get Isaiah Thomas back at some point this year, really could have used some help on a team that’s required too heavy of lifting from James.

One point: the NBA’s Instagram drama is strong.

Another point: While it’s undetermined whether James cares that Bledsoe is on his team or not, many Cavs fans do. Things are getting a bit panicky in The Land.

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