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What I saw — Wednesday, Aug. 20

A lot to see at football practice and a football deity in attendance.


It seemed like it was the same thing for 400 years. Tom Moore as the offensive coordinator and Howard Mudd as the offensive line coach leading the great Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. I don’t think a lot of the lineman knew they were in the presence of greatness.

Mudd stood off to the side of the one-on-one pass rush drills. When the offensive lineman won the battle, Mudd didn’t move. The second the defensive line began to cheer a win for their side, Mudd said nothing — since he isn’t on staff — but made wild hand gestures as if he was on the line.

It took me a play or two but I realized he was perfectly mimicking the exact hand movements it took to defeat the particular pass-rush hand placement. Mudd’s legs and back looked very uncomfortable. He walked placing a majority of his weight on a cane. Those physical limitations never came close to affecting his hands. They were lightning quick. He seemed to simplify the defensive athleticism with only a few moves against air.

I didn’t see any young players take advantage of Mudd’s appearance. Jared Veldheer couldn’t get enough. As soon as the drills were over, Veldheer spent quite a few minutes competing against the same air that was fighting Mudd. They both felt satisfied that Oxygen had been defeated and parted ways. Clearly, Veldheer left the conversation a better left tackle than he was just 3 minutes earlier.


Despite being needled constantly by the coaching staff, Cooper still was without pads.


Another interception. Pass coverage was supposed to be a weakness. I said this kid was a good player but the first round was a reach. The only reason I haven’t recanted is because it’s the preseason.


Wow! It was surprising he had such a good day. He seemed very light and quick. Early in team drills he read a screen, stopped his pass rush and held up the running back until the cavalry could come support his effort. Due to his age and absence, I have a “wait and see” attitude towards Abraham. I guess I now just have a wait attitude because I’ve already seen.

Doug & Wolf