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Dr. Doug’s FAQs: ASU recruits, Fantasy Football and how to get Doug to block you

E-mail or tweet me your questions and every Wednesday I’ll answer the best.

This week we start with Nick, who gives me an ASU recruiting update. There’s just one thing: I don’t care. There’s nothing more boring in sports than recruiting to cover. Sure, your success as a program is deeply dependent on recruiting, but I’m not going to waste my time covering it. Kids change their minds and back out of oral commitments. If they leave your program, the kid has no morals. If the kid switches his commitment to your program, your coaches just out-worked the other schools. It’s all crap. When recruiting is over, I’ll watch some film on each kid and get to know them then.

If ASU fans really care about recruiting, buy tickets to the game and show high school kids an environment that rivals other major programs.

Rob asks me a fantasy football question. I don’t mock those that play but I could never do it. I’m too competitive and would spend my whole life worried about my fantasy team. Having said that, I would not keep Michael Floyd now that Jonathan Cooper is hurt. I think it will take a few games for this offense to succeed.

Paradoxal’s tweet is in response to my tweet about Michael Beasley. I said, “I wish someone at work would pay me $7 million dollars to go away. We’re all in the wrong business.” Amazing that Beasley is only 24 years old. Very few people in America have failed so mightily after being given so much.

Merrick fell into the Tim Tebow trap. He said “review” in his tweet but then tweeted an update saying he meant Tebow. Merrick, you can’t use Heisman Trophy winners as the baseline. When you complain about Tebow not making a team, you’re declaring you know more than 32 NFL GMs. Face it, Tebow lovers: It’s exactly as I told you. Love the man but don’t pay the player.

And then there is Tom…I’ll let the video speak to my feelings about that.