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Burns: Tillman documentary coming soon

The original title of the movie was “I’m Pat ________ Tillman.” The missing word was an expletive used in a vain attempt to halt the friendly fire that was moments away from taking his life.

Instead, the documentary is simply called “The Tillman Story.” And it promises an unflinching look at the life and death of the ASU and Cardinals star turned Army Ranger who died in Afghanistan as a result of friendly fire.

The trailer, which just surfaced on the internet Monday, does nothing to hide its intentions. The poster for the movie touts it as “A mystery. A cover up. A crime. One family will risk everything for the truth.” You can view the trailer here.

I’ve viewed it a couple of times and what I found each time is that it’s not at all presented like a documentary. Honestly, it plays more like a political thriller (think “State of Play”). That contrast made me uncomfortable at first…it made me squirm to be honest with you. But make no mistake; I can’t wait to see it and I’m hopeful that opportunity will come soon.

Though the film is set to be released on August 20th, a Harkins spokesperson indicated the movie would open here in the Valley on September 3rd at the Harkins Camelview Theater (a date I was told numerous times is subject to change).

Variety magazine said the movie is “an appalling story, yet at the same time somehow affirming: The unconventional Tillmans are an admirable bunch, and in choosing the wrong family to lie to, authorities wound up exposed, albeit largely unpunished.”

The LA Times wrote this piece about it as well, including a quote from divisive filmmaker Michael Moore who called the film “one of the most important movies you’ll ever see about the U.S. military.”

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