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Burns: Not ready to see Hall pass

It’s not that I want to be trendy, I just want to make sure I’m not missing out. So I’ve tried the bands Arcade Fire and The National. TV shows like Mad Men and The Wire. The book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Just give them a chance everybody says, they’ll change your life.

I have and they didn’t.

There’s this new trend spreading around Phoenix the sniffles at an elementary school; the idea that the Cardinals should give Max Hall a chance at quarterback. To which I respond…what channel is Snooki on again?

There’s a trend and then there is sheer lunacy. A month ago we were barely wrapping our minds around the idea that the BYU product would make the Cardinals roster. Now he’s been promoted to the role of savior? Laugh all you want, but the idea that he’ll make them better, sooner, is there and it’s real; a belief among the fans that Hall represents the best chance for the Cardinals to win right now. I’ve read the texts, the emails, the tweets and I’m stunned by the volume of people who have already decided that A. the season isn’t worth saving or B. Hall is the one who can save it.

I was listening to ESPN’s Trey Wingo the other day and he said it best: In most NFL cities the most popular guy on the roster is the backup quarterback. He’s like the last unwrapped Christmas present under the tree. A mystery waiting to be solved. You already hauled in some pretty decent gifts, but that last one under the tree might be even better than what you already have. Or…it could be a package of tube socks.

I understand. Derek Anderson has the same problem Matt Leinart had…he ain’t Kurt Warner. Oh and his accuracy is just a tad suspect, he was awful in Cleveland, and outside of one drive against the bottom-feeding Rams he has done nothing to positively impact even a quarter of football for the Cardinals. I dispute none of this. And obviously if Anderson gets hurt (which at this rate he might) or the season is unsalvageable then sure, play Hall. Clearly the coaches are more than intrigued. And if they are so am I.

But to suggest that now is the time to give Hall a chance reeks of desperation fueled panic. Not with his lack of experience. Not behind that line. And certainly not based solely on the good things I saw in camp and in the preseason. At this point the Cardinals are much better off figuring out a way to win with what they have. Getting Larry Fitzgerald and Beanie Wells healthy would be a good place to start. Handling the pass rush would be another. Shoring up an uninspired defense wouldn’t suck either.

But if you think Max Hall is the answer after two games then it’s probably not worth asking the question.