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Burns: Go Green this weekend

The words “Go Green” take on a whole new meaning this weekend.

I’m not asking you to recycle that plastic water bottle or buy a hybrid or take the bus. Clog up your local landfill and buy a gas guzzler for all I care.

Rather, I’m talking about my motto for this weekend’s Conference Championship games.

Go Green. Go Packers and (gulp) go Jets.

Let’s start with the easy one; Green Bay. You won’t find me wearing any cheese on my head but I’ll watch Aaron Rodgers play quarterback any day of the week.

Most importantly, for those who grew weary of watching Brett Favre making a fool out of himself in an effort to stick it to his former employer, Green Bay in the Super Bowl would just feel good. Karmic justice. A good wholesome slice of irony. Yeah Brett, you’ve been that annoying in your post-Packers career.

Now you’re telling the world (through an email to an ESPN reporter) that the Packers are the best team left and “I think they’ll win it all!” Really? A freakin’ exclamation point? Sounds like someone is trying to Lambeau Leap their way back into the hearts of the Packer fans.

Besides, the Bears have all the sex appeal of this month’s Better Homes and Garden.

Then there is the painful but obvious choice on “Go Green Sunday”. Go Jets. Yeah, (channeling my inner Raheem Morris) I said it. Go Jets and here’s why:

Darth Vader is why. So too is the Joker in The Dark Knight. Hannibal Lecter. The prison warden in “Shawshank Redemption.” Hans from “Die Hard” and creepy Ben in the TV show “Lost”. A movie can go from good to great on the strength of its bad guy. The number one complaint of the Star Trek movie reboot a couple of years ago? The villain was….well….boring.

There’s nothing boring about the Jets. Their brand of trash talk may have been panned by the commissioner of the NFL but this commish gives it two big thumbs up. No team in recent memory has been as entertainingly despicable as the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS JETS.

A win on “Go Green Sunday” and the Jets would have ousted Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Big Ben. All on the road. How can you not have even a little respect for that?

As for the Steelers, they say familiarity breeds contempt. And I think Cardinal fans would agree, we are awfully familiar with the Steelers by now.

I’m sure the Steelers or the Bears will find a way to muck up the matchup I want. Usually happens that way. But on Sunday, I’ll do my part and encourage you to do the same.

Protect the football environment and Go Green.