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One thing the Suns got right: Goran Dragic

If we were making a list of the decisions that the Lon Babby/Lance Blanks regime got right…a full 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper would probably be too big. A post-it note would suffice.

They are all debatable with the exception of one. Goran Dragic.

(Ok, maybe two. If the Suns end up squeezing the Lakers’ lottery pick from them this year if they don’t make the playoffs, that’s a major success. Right now, I wouldn’t bet on them missing the playoffs. In fact, I bet Gambo just the opposite)

In a lost season filled with questionable effort, lost focus and waning desire, Dragic has been a steady rock and a great signing. Not great in the sense that he’s leading the Suns to victories, but great in the sense that the Suns had a lot of choices this past offseason in the point guard market, and there were lots of question marks among those choices. They chose wisely.

He plays hard. He plays a lot of minutes. The website pointed out on twitter this morning that in his 42 minutes vs. Washington, Dragic was a +8 over 42 minutes while John Wall was -10.

And he hasn’t let the coaching change affect him one bit. In fact, since the All Star Break, he leads the league in double digit assist games.