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It’s hard to be a fan of the Phoenix Suns right now

These days, it’s a real challenge being a Suns fan.

The mere act of watching a game can be tough to stomach. Ten losses of 25 points or more, including seven under interim coach Lindsay Hunter. The season has been reduced to a giant calendar with each game representing another opportunity to cross a day off with a black sharpie. It can’t end soon enough.

The challenge comes in assessing what’s next — and what we, as fans, want.

If the goal is to lose games and amass draft picks, the current regime has been exceptional at it. Lance Blanks has assembled one of the worst teams in the rich history of this organization and Hunter has doubled the number of blowout losses incurred by his predecessor Alvin Gentry. Between the timely “resting” of Goran Dragic and the injury to Marcin Gortat, the Suns have virtually assured themselves of a top-five pick and a decent shot at a top-three selection.

Some of the radicals have suggested that if the Suns were to follow up this masterpiece of awfulness with an encore, it would be even more helpful. I guess this Andrew Wiggins kid is that good.

Perhaps. But for that core group of fans who still care — the ones who were upset that Dragic didn’t play at home in front of paying customers who expect more — questions remain. What exactly has Hunter done to validate being handed the job permanently? What key decisions has Blanks made that empower him with the trust that he’ll get the next one right? How can you sell either one of them as saviors to your fans?

These are the questions that Lon Babby, armed with a contract extension, has to wrestle with.

The guess here is that if the Lon, Lance, Lindsay trifecta remains intact, some fans will be outraged, an even smaller group will rejoice in the abyss and most will simply shrug their shoulders and react with indifference.

That’s the worst reaction of all.