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Bickley Blast: Ryan Braun’s apology is a joke

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Maybe Kirk Gibson isn’t right about Jason Kubel and Brandon McCarthy.

But he was dead-on about Ryan Braun.

His long-awaited apology was scripted, rehearsed and released.

It was a nauseating joke.

It began like they all do: Blaming some undisclosed injury that was making his life miserable. He began by acting like a victim.

Somehow, poor Ryan was tempted to cheat because his body was failing him. And then someone told him that a little cream and a few lozenges could do the trick. And then in a singular moment of weakness, he caved in.

So he tried it. He didn’t realize he was cheating. He lived in denial. But now he’s come to his senses. And he’s really sorry, especially to the people who trusted him.

He should be penalized another 100 games just for that apology.

From a legal standpoint, Braun’s apology probably checked a box, allowing him to never address this situation again. But from a real-life perspective, this is only going to cause him more problems.

We all know he threw a common man under a bus, a man who collected urine for a living.

We all know he lied to our face in the past, at a press conference in Maryvale.

If he was really interested in forgiveness, he’d speak from the heart. But that assumes he has one.

The above was transcribed from the Bickley Blast, heard on The Dan Bickley Show with Vince Marotta every Monday through Friday at noon on Arizona Sports 620.