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Cardinals-Panthers Week 1 match-up marred by uncertainty

When the Arizona Cardinals schedule was released on Tuesday and I saw they were hosting the Carolina Panthers in Week 1 my immediate reaction was, “they should start 1-0.”

Then I came back to reality.

Who am I kidding?

We sit here on April 20th and have zero idea who the Cardinals or Panthers will be starting at quarterback. We have even less of an idea if Week 1 will really be played on September 11, as the schedule suggests.

There have been no free agents signed and the NFL Draft is eight days away.

Go look at the depth chart on an NFL team’s web site. Actually don’t. Let me spare you the time. There are no depth charts. No organized team activities. No mini-camps.

I am blindly predicting. More blind than normal even, believe it or not.

Do I think the Cardinals should win Week 1 and are set up better than any other team in the league to start 1-0?


But remind me what I just wrote. To put it simple, I know nothing.

Hell, we’re creating a contest on who you think will be the starting quarterbacks for the Week 1 Cardinals-Panthers game. [Go make your selection — prizes included — and then hurry back. Please.]

The space on the depth chart with the most important position in all of sports is empty — literally and figuratively. I mean completely blank. Not even a lightly colored pencil is being used.

I think your guess is as good as mine (probably better). I’m willing to guess a few of you have just as good of an idea as Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt and Panthers coach Ron Rivera.

Who are the options for the Cardinals and Panthers to start in Week 1?

Any quarterback who is not currently signed under contract with another team. And if they are, they still may be a viable option if the lockout would ever end and a trade was made.