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Reasons why the Arizona Diamondbacks can have October success

If we’ve learned anything about the 2011 Arizona
Diamondbacks it’s that, 1. they can definitely surprise you,
2. don’t ever count them out
and 3. Kirk Gibson is constantly looking forward with his
eyes on the prize.

As we head into the playoffs there are certain things that
make this Diamondbacks team stand out. Certain things
(people) they need to step up if they are going to be
playing past next Tuesday.

In the first round they have drawn the Milwaukee Brewers,
the best home team in baseball this season. The Brewers won
57 times this season in Miller Park (39 on the road).

The Diamondbacks need to win once there in the next week.

They took two of three from Milwaukee in Milwaukee earlier
this season. They won’t be scared.