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Gibberman: What were they thinking?

The 2009 NBA Draft was overshadowed by all the trades involving veterans that went down leading up to draft day. After taking a day to let all the selections settle in, I am still scratching my head about some of the picks that the NBA executives made.

What were they thinking…Sacramento Kings President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie selecting Memphis guard Tyreke Evans with the 4th pick. The Kings’ best players play the shooting guard and small forward positions in Kevin Martin, Andres Nocioni and Francisco Garcia. This delusional theory that Tyreke Evans can be turned into a point guard is insane. Did the Kings scouts watch Evans play one game while he was at Memphis? He is selfish, doesn’t pass, or make his teammates better; three qualities that a PG should have. What makes it even worse is that the top rated point guard on everyone’s board – Ricky Rubio – was there for the taking, and from all the pre draft talk he would have been willing to play in Sacramento.

What were they thinking…Minnesota Timberwolves newly appointed president David Kahn used the fifth and sixth picks to take Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn, who both play point guard. What makes it even worse is that before selecting Rubio, Kahn must have forgot to place a call asking Ricky if he had any interest in playing in Minnesota. Whether we like it or not, the players who come over from Europe get to have input on where they go. A player like Rubio, who has a hefty buyout, has to use his own money to pave the way to come to the NBA. Since the NBA has a rule that the team can only pay $500,000, which leaves millions of dollars for Ricky to pay, if he does not want to play in Minnesota he will head back to Spain and play professionally there.

What were they thinking…The Golden State Warriors selecting Stephen Curry with #7 pick. The Warriors roster is already unbalanced with nine guards. Their potential starting back court of Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry weigh a combined 150 pounds. I know Nelson doesn’t care about defense, but this is taking it to another level. Now if the Warriors turn around and package a bunch of their guards for Amare Stoudamire or another big man then I take this one back. There is no guarantee that is going to happen, so right how I still ask what the heck were they thinking?

What were they thinking…The Utah Jazz picking VCU point guard Eric Maynor. I understand the logic of taking the best player on the board, but the Jazz are about to lose Carlos Boozer and need depth on the front line. At the 20th pick in the first round there wasn’t one front court player that Utah could find that could contribute? Deron Williams is entering the prime of his career and plays at least 35 minutes a night, what use is it to have another young, up and coming PG to play 10-12 minutes a night when your team has many other holes. I expect better from an organization that has Jerry Sloan involved.

What were they thinking…I think Danny Ferry wants his legacy with the Cleveland Cavaliers to be the guy who scared LeBron James away. He traded for Shaq four months too late and then, with the last pick in the first round, he selected Christian Eyenga. I get the feeling that Eyenga isn’t the missing piece to the Cavaliers’ championship dreams.