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Sports Kabob – 6/30

Ladies and gentlemen (and especially ladies), welcome to the Sports Kabob, a skewered look at the world of sports and pop culture.

Here are the top stories:

The rumored free agent summit happened this week in Miami, reportedly between Chris Bosh, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade
Experts say the last time this many powerful people met in Florida, they were trying to fix a Presidential election

Germany midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger accuses World Cup quarterfinals rival Argentina of showing no respect for opponents and referees, and urges his teammates not to be provoked.
And to add even more intrigue to the Argentina- Germany matchup, Nazis have announced that they don’t know who they’ll be rooting for

With rumors of the top free agents signing with Miami or Chicago, some feel that New York may be the odd team out
In fact, experts now think that the only free agent the Knicks could actually get is Larry King

Michael Vick’s lawyer says his client was “long gone” before a shooting took place near a Virginia Beach restaurant that hosted his 30th birthday party
Then, in order to produce an alibi for his client, Vick’s lawyer pointed out that a group of dogs were viciously murdered minutes before the restaurant shooting, miles away

Roger Federer was defeated at Wimbledon in four sets and failed to reach the finals for the first time since 2002
This was the biggest upset in England since Charles left Diana for Camilla

Roger Clemens pitched against his son, Koby, on Wednesday night in the Home Run Derby before the Texas League All-Star Game in Midland
Things did get awkward however, when an enraged Roger through a bat a Koby after he sawed off a pitch

The president of Nigeria has suspended the national soccer team from international competition for two years after a poor showing at the World Cup.
Nigerians said that this is worst thing to ever happen to the country. Well that is if you don’t count famine, disease, drought, wild animals, political unrest, poverty and war.

UFC president Dana White says Wednesday that vuvuzelas — the beehive-sounding noisemakers that have become famous during soccer’s biggest event — are being banned at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday.
So even the people who get punched in the skull for a living admit that vuvuzelas give them headaches

The Atlanta Braves will host Major League Baseball’s Civil Rights Games in 2011-12, team president John Schuerholz announced Wednesday at the King Center.
Because nothing says racial sensitivity like a team whose fans dress up like Native Americans and do Indian war chants during games

Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’ swing coach who parted ways with the world’s No. 1 golfer in May, told Golf Digest in an interview that his relationship with Woods “didn’t get dysfunctional; it always was dysfunctional.”
Haney said the last straw was when he found text messages on Tiger’s cell from other, younger swing coaches

That’s all for this week, leave comments and remember this is Jarrett Carlen saying that the new Twilight movie comes out this week and I haven’t seen 15 year old girls this excited since Roman Polanski was arrested

For more of my observations on the world of sports, as well as politics, entertainment and current events, follow me on twitter @JarrettGC.