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Suns fans may want to learn to love the Jimmer

The Phoenix Suns have the thirteenth overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Let the Jimmermania rumors begin.

While names are flying around quicker than the “Teach Me How to Jimmer” song is racking up hits on YouTube, the Suns are being linked more and more with selecting former BYU standout Jimmer Fredette with their first round pick.

Fredette is an obvious choice to replace the aging Steve Nash with his speed and natural ability. The 6-foot-2 Fredette is slightly undersized, but makes up for that with a fast jump shot that can take opponents by surprise, much like Nash. The Jimmer is also good driving the lane and has a few moves to get himself to the hoop.

But he also has his downfalls. The Suns rely on Nash’s defensive play for turnovers and passing skills to steer their run-and-gun offense. Nash averaged 11.4 assists per game last season while Fredette averaged 4.3 assists per game, leading some to say that Fredette is not the solution to the Suns point guard issues.

Whether or not the Suns take Fredette could come down to the decision of restricted free agent Aaron Brooks, who could stay with the Suns, thus taking the spot presumably open for Fredette.

We’ll have to wait until June 23 to see who will be the newest Phoenix Sun. But as long as these rumors continue, Phoenix fans may want to learn to say, “We love you, Jimmer”.