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New Steve Nash trade rumor: Dallas for Lamar Odom

Ready for another Steve Nash trade rumor?

OK, here you go, courtesy of Dwain Price, who happens to
be a Mavericks beat writer for the Star-Telegram in

Of all the teams Nash may want to play for that are not
the Suns, the Dallas Mavericks would likely be near the
top of the list. They’re a contender, he’s familiar with
the franchise after playing for the Mavs from 1998-2004,
and his buddy Dirk Nowitzki still happens to play there.

But for Lamar Odom-Kardashian?

The reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year has struggled in
his first season in Big D, averaging just 7.7 points and
4.5 rebounds per game for the Mavericks. However, he’s one
of the more versatile forwards in the league (think a not-
fat Boris Diaw), and is a player who used to always give
the Suns problems when he was with the Lakers.

And, maybe most importantly, his contract has a team
option for the 2012-13 season. Hello, cap space!

Of course, any idea of a Nash trade goes back to the
team’s seeming reluctance to part with its star. While
it’s possible the veteran has given management the OK to
explore a deal, that idea goes against everything anyone
has heard up to this point.

But, with the Suns struggling to stay on the playoff
bubble and the Mavericks desperate to defend their NBA
title, it’s possible this could turn into a perfect match.