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Nash is still here, so fans should just enjoy the ride

“Just sit back and enjoy the ride”

One of the greatest point guards I’ve ever seen play the
game is still a proud member of the Phoenix Suns. Will we
be able to say the same thing a year from now? Not only
do I not have that answer, but I strongly believe that
even Steve Nash himself has no idea whether that will be
the case.

As we all know, Steve is not only a fantastic
finely tuned athlete, but he has proven to be sound in
mind as much if not more than body. When this season
comes to an end, I have no doubt that Steve will explore
every option in front of him, and as he mentioned Tuesday with
Burns and Gambo
, he’s earned that right. That said
and known, Suns fans need to take their minds off the
future and as a long haired public access television star
once said “live in the now!”

By no means am I insinuating that the Suns front office
should not currently be thinking about their strategy
moving forward, nor do I think they should be taking their
advice from Wayne and Garth. I am merely suggesting to
Suns fans not to let these final games of the regular
season and potential playoff games go by without
appreciating what we have in front of us.

The Suns are down to their final five regular season games
and have complete control of their playoff destiny.
They’ve done so playing with a sense of heart and
determination that is on par with any teams I’ve been
around. They are a bunch of good guys who are very easy
to root for, and the chemistry they have developed as a
group is apparent to anyone paying attention.

The playoffs have in essence come early here in Phoenix,
and I hope Suns fans enjoy them while they’re here.