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The Pulse: Confidence in Coyotes but not Suns

Every day, we at ask our readers a question. It’s the Sanderson Ford Poll Question of the Day, and it can be found midway down on the right hand side of our home page.

The question on Nov. 14, 2014 was, “The Phoenix Coyotes and Phoenix Suns are off to great starts this season, but are they for real?”

The choices were, “Yes, both are good,” “Coyotes are, Suns are not,” “Suns are, Coyotes are not” and “Neither are any good.”

A total of 660 votes were submitted with, “Coyotes are, Suns are not” being the runaway winner with 402. That total was good enough for 61 percent, and it nearly doubled the next closest, which was, “Yes, both are good.” That option earned 215 votes, or 33 percent.

In perhaps a disappointing conclusion for the Suns, the option “Neither are any good” earned 27 votes, whereas “Suns are, Coyotes are not” garnered just 16.

Entering Friday, the Coyotes are fourth in the Western Conference with 29 points, and the Suns are seventh in the West with a 5-3 record.