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LeBron James to the Phoenix Suns? Here’s why it should happen

The Phoenix Suns are getting LeBron James.

OK, maybe they aren’t. In fact, they’re probably not.

But since The King decided to opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat, he will become a free agent and thus be able to sign with whatever team he chooses, which could be the Suns! Is it really an unreasonable thought?

Shoot, folks over at USA Today and Grantland think it’s a good idea, and we agree, especially after seeing how comfortable he looked at the US Airways Center while putting on this impressive display during a Miami Heat practice. Who was he showing off for? The Suns, perhaps?

Until he signs with a team that isn’t the Phoenix Suns, we’re going to assume he might decide that’s who he wants to play for. And in case he’s waffling on this decision (see what we did there?), here are some of the top reasons for the two-time NBA champion and four-time NBA MVP to come to Phoenix.

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