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Big-cheese Hulsizer needs to spend that cheddar


An article in the Phoenix Business Journal said, in a nutshell, that all parties in the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes are not budging with their offers. In what should have been a straight-forward sale, Glendale, Matthew Hulsizer and the Goldwater Institute have created what could be the most boring Western showdown in the news.

With the ennui towards the situation growing in the most devoted of fans, we are all wondering why Hulsizer is sitting back, waiting on a city who is desperately trying to sell bonds to buy parking rights at arena. The man is estimated to have a personal net worth in excess of $280 million. That’s quite a bit of cheddar.

With the deal dragging out, Hulsizer has expressed interest in purchasing two other struggling franchises – the Atlanta Thrashers and the New Jersey Devils. The problem is he needs to buy a team and not just own one.

Being the owner of a franchise costs money. Plain and simple. Hulsizer can’t wait for a city to put together a package that sees him making money right away. Sports just don’t work that way.

A sports franchise is a fickle thing. Most owners lose money initially and have to remain both invested and committed for the long-haul in order to build a successful program. That’s when a team starts making money consistently – when they’re winning.

Hulsizer and the Coyotes could have a great relationship. He’s young enough to give the team regularity in decision making and his rumored promotions, including the $1 concessions nights, have proven to fill seats. Having an owner would allow the entire organization to focus on the ice, not what’s being said in the media.

We just need big-cheese Hulsizer to stop looking for an immediate handout and spend that cheddar.

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