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Newsmakers Week: Doug’s thoughts from Tuesday’s guests

Newsmakers Week 2016 is now through Friday.  The major decisionmakers of each organization and program in the state join the show to explain their decisions and lay out their plans for the future.

Each team’s willingness to participate exemplifies how unique Phoenix is.  No city in America has the access you receive this week.  Most cities have a dominant franchise that would normally think they’re too important.  Other cities only have one or two professional teams so it would be “Newsmakers Day.”  Here, in Arizona, every team is fighting for your entertainment dollar so this week is important to them.  For Wolf and me, Newsmakers Week is a major focus of our year to present sports in a way that is different from every station in America.

Every day of Newsmakers Week I will highlight what I took away from each guest on and preview tomorrow’s lineup.  Feel free to tweet me (@doug987FM) with the #NewsmakersWeek if you have any feedback.


Greg Byrne – UA athletic director

Although I’m not a fan of UofA, I am a fan of Greg Byrne.  Really appreciated someone finally saying athletes get a lot. I’m tired of people acting like “Woe’s the college athlete.”

Steve Keim – Arizona Cardinals GM

He wouldn’t rule it out but he said it is not within his model to pay two first-round picks in a trade.  My question was in reference to Von Miller. Keim can never speak on an individual player under contract but if Denver gives Miller the non-exclusive franchise tag, Arizona can sign him away from Denver but would have to give up two first-round picks.  There was little chance Miller would be a Cardinal but that answer lowered any wishful thinking.

Derrick Hall – Arizona Diamondbacks president and CEO

Derrick’s main point was stressing the youth the D-backs received in every trade for their minor league system. In his mind, the “Championship Window” is not just two or three years.  Despite the fact the 25-man roster will change over the course of the next six years, they plan to keep the core and slowly move in young guys to replace some current players when they hit arbitration and free agency.

Greg Stanton – Mayor of Phoenix

Stanton has an amazingly infectious spirit for Phoenix.  He had no fear jumping right into the debate of “Should tax payers pay for stadiums and arenas?”  His answer stressed Phoenix wouldn’t build an arena for the Suns and Coyotes. A new arena would be built to host over 300 events a year in downtown Phoenix. Even though over 80 of those events a year would be Coyotes and Suns-related, his focus was on the revenue generated by all 300 dates.

Dave Tippett – Arizona Coyotes coach

From a personal standpoint, we’re so lucky to have this guy.  He’s the perfect combination of laid back person and intense competitor. His focus is on winning his next game but his excitement to look ahead was so tangible. It was great to see him dismiss the past ownership and Glendale issues tests of the past and simply gush about the development of the young, talented players.

Dan Mahoney – Waste Management Phoenix Open chairman

Shocking to hear the Tournament Chair explain there’s still more room to grow the tournament. He also said Saturday was the second most-attended sporting event in US history.  Mahoney was most proud that he anticipates the Thunderbirds giving much more than $9 million to local charities.

Coming up Wednesday

7:30-8 – Tony La Russa, D-backs CBO

– What separates good teams and World Series teams?

– What are your expectations of Zack Greinke off the mound?

– Does a team need to lose in the playoffs to better prepare to win a World Series?

8-8:30 – Don Maloney, Arizona Coyotes GM

– Where is the organization strong?

– Where are the holes and how long will it take to fill them?

– Does making the playoffs accelerate the plan?

8:30-9:30 – Jerry Colangelo, Godfather of Phoenix Sports

– How are we to feel if the 76ers get to the playoffs faster than the Suns?

– Can you get anyone in the All-Star Game to play defense?

– Should there be an NBA penalty to tanking?

– Has anyone in the IOC apologized to you for choosing Brazil over Chicago?

You can also ask any of our guests a question. Tweet the show (@dougandwolf987) with the #NewsmakersWeek and let us know what you want asked. Thanks for listening.

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