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Newsmakers Week: Doug’s thoughts from Wednesday’s guests

Newsmakers Week 2016 is now through Friday.  The major decisionmakers of each organization and program in the state join the show to explain their decisions and lay out their plans for the future.

Each team’s willingness to participate exemplifies how unique Phoenix is.  No city in America has the access you receive this week.  Most cities have a dominant franchise that would normally think they’re too important.  Other cities only have one or two professional teams so it would be “Newsmakers Day.”  Here, in Arizona, every team is fighting for your entertainment dollar so this week is important to them.  For Wolf and me, Newsmakers Week is a major focus of our year to present sports in a way that is different from every station in America.

Every day of Newsmakers Week I will highlight what I took away from each guest on and preview tomorrow’s lineup.  Feel free to tweet me (@doug987FM) with the #NewsmakersWeek if you have any feedback.


7:30-8- Tony La Russa, D-backs chief baseball officer

If your goal is making it to the majors, making it to free agency or reaching your MLBPA pension, you’ll eventually run out of motivation. If your goal is to compete your butt off and win championships, your motivation never ends.

8-8:30- Don Maloney, Arizona Coyotes GM

He won’t chase the Cup this year by selling any young assets. Maloney said he won’t know if they’re buyers or sellers until he sees how the remaining six games before the deadline go.  Interesting because the first two of the six are home games against great teams and then the next four are part of a tough five-game road trip.

8:30-9:30 – Jerry Colangelo, Godfather of Phoenix sports

If you heard it, my takeaway was the same as yours. If the Suns would have called and asked Jerry for help, he would have been glad to. He’s now in charge of the 76ers. There’s no Phoenix/Philly rivalry on the court, field, ice or diamond. However, there’s clearly one in the front office. As objectively as you can, imagine this city’s outrage if the 76ers win a playoff series before the Suns.

Coming up Thursday

7:30-8 – Michael Bidwill, Arizona Cardinals president

– Do you believe your approach should change since you’re in a Championship window?

– Are there pitfalls in the Cardinals new national popularity?

– What do owners do to improve?

8-8:30 – Dan Majerle, head coach GCU basketball

– What’s the worst thing about being blocked from the NCAA tourney?

– Is there less pressure since GCU is ineligible for the tourney?

– What do you want your non-conference schedule to look like?

8:30-8:45 – Kevin Guy, Arizona Rattlers head coach

– Have you recovered from the end of the conference championship game?

– How do you use 2015 as motivation?

– Is there anything you took for granted after being in the Arena Bowl for four straight years?

– How long will you be the head coach?

9:00-9:30 – Ray Anderson, ASU athletic director

– What’s wrong with college athletics?

– What’s right with college athletics?

– Do you want ASU basketball and hockey to share an arena with the Coyotes?

– How’s the stadium “re-invention” going?

– What are your football expectations?

You can also ask any of our guests a question. Tweet the show (@dougandwolf987) with the #NewsmakersWeek and let us know what you want asked. Thanks for listening.

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