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Burns & Gambo

  • Burns: Predictably unpredictable

    The Arizona Cardinals unpredictability have become….so predictable. In a season filled with plot twists, what’s one more? The unexpected is to be expected after watching the Cardinals demolish the Bears 41-21. 4-0 on the road, 1-3 at home. Five picks last week for Kurt Warner, five touchdown passes this week. Shock the world by beating […]
  • Burns: You get what you pay for

    The Yankees were the best team in baseball this year. Well….you know what they say. You get what you pay for. Call it like it is, the Yankees paid for a World Series by shelling out a half billion dollars in the offseason. What’s funny, in a your-car-is-stuck-in-the-mud kind of way is that ever since […]
  • Burns: You just can’t trust the Cardinals

    One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies: “It seems to me that if there was any logic to our language, trust would be a four letter word.” Uttered by Tom Cruise’s character Joel in “Risky Business”, that quote is right up there with the more famous line in the movie (“Sometimes, […]
  • Gambo: Collinsworth apologizes

    It was just about 10 months ago when NFL analyst Chris Collinsworth said that the Arizona Cardinals were the “worst playoff team of all time.” We’ll it’s almost a year later and Collinsworth has issued his apology. Today, as a guest on Gambo and Ash, Sports 620 KTAR Phoenix, Collinsworth was asked if he has […]
  • Gambo: Phillies no match for Yankees

    Pedro Martinez, Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton? Are you kidding me? Memo to the Philadelphia Phillies – this isn’t the Tampa Bay Rays you are playing in the World Series. Just how people are picking the Phillies to win this series when after Cliff Lee they are sending that collection of junk to the mound is […]
  • Gambo: Cardinals-49ers to battle for NFC West

    And then there were two. The NFC West is now officially a two-team race between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers. The Cardinals made sure of that on Sunday with a convincing win over a pathetic Seattle team that couldn’t get out of its own way for much of the game. The victory […]
  • Burns: What will the D-backs do with Webb?

    It is the biggest decision this organization has ever been faced with. Careers may be defined by it. Fans may be won or lost because of it. What are the Arizona Diamondbacks going to do about Brandon Webb? They have until five days after the completion of the World Series. Either they pick up the […]
  • Gambo: Lang is good signing for Coyotes

    The Phoenix Coyotes despite ownership turmoil have just added a front-line center by signing Robert Lang. Granted Lang is 38-years-old but he is a solid pick up and will be a welcome addition on a young team. Lang had 39 points in 50 games last season for Montreal, missing the end of the season with […]
  • Gambo: Gretzky era over, Tippett hungry to coach

    Now that the Wayne Gretzky era is mercifully over in Phoenix it is time for the Coyotes to turn the team over to a real NHL coach and that coach will be Dave Tippett according to my sources. Tippett is a solid NHL coach, a career coach with a good structure, a plan and also […]
  • Burns: Everybody knows that sex sells

    Everybody knows that sex sells. And everybody knows that the Cardinals “sex appeal” is on the offensive side of the ball. All the attention, all the focus, all the love and all the question marks go to the offense. Warner’s hip…..Warner’s age….Warner’s arm…..Fitz’s brother…..Fitz’s touches…..Whisenhunt’s play calling….no Haley….Beanie’s injury….Beanie’s fumbles…starting running back….Boldin’s health….Boldin’s contract…..Boldin’s attitude….Leinart […]
  • Gambo: Vontaze made an impression

    While I go to most of the Arizona State home football games every year I had to sit the first one out this season as I was in California with my daughter for a soccer tournament. Now, while I did get to see some of Oklahoma-BYU, Notre Dame-Nevada and Alabama-Virginia Tech in between soccer games, […]
  • Burns: A one-time mistake

    Upton isn't the first to make this mistake and he won't be the last.
  • Burns: The Cardinals found a way

    The Arizona Cardinals found a way to do it. They kept seven wide receivers after slashing the roster to 53 Friday. Lance Long made it as did Sean Morey and Early Doucet. And what blows me away is that they didn’t have to do anything too radical to get it done (remember, earlier I advocated […]
  • Burns: This won’t happen but it makes sense

    File this under the heading of Will-Never-Happen-But-I-Like-It-Anyways. Cut Brian St. Pierre. The final decisions in the fight for 53 will be made any moment now. Tough decisions loom. Guys who are good football players are going to get called into Coach Ken Whisenhunt’s office, playbook in one hand, cellphone (with his agent on speed dial) […]
  • Cardinals Over/Under

    Vacationing Producer Rod Lakin came up with a list of over/unders for Burnsy to mull over: Larry Fitzgerald Fitzgerald receiving yards: 1500 (1,431 in 2008) – Under Fitz receiving TDs: 15 (12 in 2008) – Under Fitz receptions: 100 (96 in 2008) – Under Anquan Boldin Boldin receiving yards: 1200 (1,038 in 2008)- Over Boldin […]
  • Gambo: Leinart is clearly the backup QB

    The backup quarterback competition for the Arizona Cardinals is officially over. It got some nice publicity nationally and a lot of fanfare locally. But after the first two preseason games we at Sports 620 KTAR can predict that Matt Leinart has enough electoral votes and has defeated Brian St. Pierre to become the second-string signal […]
  • No panic, but Beanie needs to get on the field

    “Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode. We are at DEFCON 1.” War Games. Classic 80’s movie. DEFCON 1: Turn the keys, launch the missiles….it’s the end of the world. For years now I’ve just flat out stolen the DEFCON ratings system from the movie to measure my state of panic about a […]
  • Legit or Lame: Cardinals edition

    There are a lot of questions facing the Cardinals as they look to get back to the Super Bowl, but which ones actually matter? * Kurt Warner will play all 16 games this year. LAME. * The most important player this entire preseason is Matt Leinart. LEGIT * Matt Leinart will be handed the job […]
  • Burns: Everything has changed

    Just got up to Flagstaff for my first look at NFC Champ Camp 2009. First thing that popped into my head was a line from the Pearl Jam song "Corduroy".
  • Burns: Leinart will be the backup QB

    When your boss tells you that you’ll have a great chance to earn extra incentives, is he a liar when you don’t? Of course not. It’s not a lie; it’s how you define the word “chance”. 90% chance, 5% chance, it could mean anything. When your kid wants the little punk kid down the street […]

Burns & Gambo