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  • Chuck Powell’s MLB 2013 Season Review

    The MLB playoffs are underway. Never mind that a single postseason baseball game will fail to score higher ratings than an NFL scrimmage, October remains a month for baseball among us seamheads. This week also provides for us a time to reflect on the regular season. I present to you the best and worst of […]
  • Powell’s Arizona Diamondbacks 2013 season in review

    BIGGEST DAY OF THE YEAR: June 11 The brawl. Dodgers versus Diamondbacks. At the time, last place versus first place. Ian Kennedy hits Dodger hotshot Yasiel Puig with a pitch. I don’t believe Kennedy meant to hit him in the nose. But whether he did or not, the Diamondbacks should have expected retribution. Zack Greinke […]
  • Even without postseason berth, D-backs’ Paul Goldschmidt is worthy of NL MVP

    On August 13, Paul Goldschmidt slugged a ninth-inning home run at Chase Field to force extra innings. In the eleventh inning, Goldschmidt hit a second home run to win the game. The few Baltimore Orioles fans in the park left dejected and undoubtedly complained about the heat that awaited them outside. Meanwhile, Diamondback fans left […]
  • Did the Buccaneers do the Cardinals a favor?

    Did the Buccaneers just do the Cardinals a favor? A Week 4 quarterback switch to a rookie defies the norm. Not since Jimmy Clausen in 2010 has a team inserted a rookie that wasn’t a first round pick into the starting lineup when the cause wasn’t injury. The Panthers lost 20-7. Josh Freeman was not […]
  • Can’t quite put a finger on this Rashad Johnson story

    Are we making too big of a deal out of Rashad Johnson losing part of his middle finger during Sunday’s game? OR NOT ENOUGH?!? Dude lost part of his finger during Sunday’s game! He noticed blood dripping from his glove, removed the glove, and NOT ALL OF HIS HAND CAME OUT OF THE GLOVE! How […]
  • The mild, mild NFC West

    What a difference a year makes, right? Wait… Scratch that. What a difference three weeks make, right? Three weeks ago, the NFC West was the best division in football. Three 1-2 starts later, and the division looks like N’Sync. One of them is clearly talented and going onto bigger things. The other members of the […]
  • Browns trade of Trent Richardson is unacceptable

    I grew up on the Illinois side of St. Louis in the 70s and 80s. Needless to say, I was a huge sports fan and so were my best childhood pals. I also happened to grow up with the most beleaguered NFL franchise of its time, the St. Louis Cardinals. You won’t believe it when […]
  • ASU’s Todd Graham here for the long haul…maybe

    I know Todd Graham agreed to a contract extension with Arizona State, but this is football. Lane Kiffin had a deal with Tennessee, Bobby Petrino had one with the Falcons. ASU had one with June Jones. Congrats on the new contract, Coach Graham, but the rumors of you leaving aren’t going to die. It’s very […]
  • 2013: A wild and crazy year in the NL West

    What a wild year in the National League West. The Dodgers are going to take the division in a walk, but it wasn’t always so easy. Not many people would have predicted this kind of year. MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE SEASON: June 3. The Dodgers were 23-31 and sitting in last place. Team president […]
  • Like it or not, Johnny Manziel is the favorite for the Heisman Trophy

    In a world dominated by gadgetry, social media and Ritalin prescriptions, I no longer expect the national conversation to remain in the same gear for long. People are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, because the current big thing has been talked to death already, and anyone who states LeBron James is […]