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Empire of the Suns's Kevin Zimmerman and Kellan Olson break down the storylines surrounding the Phoenix Suns every week. From in-depth analysis to breaking news reactions, the Empire of the Suns podcast has you covered for everything Suns.

Giannis and the Bucks take Game 6 and the Finals from the Suns - July 21   (27:11)7-21-2021
Giannis Antetokounmpo put up 50 points for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns floundered down the stretch of a Game 6 NBA Finals loss. What's to take from a championship series loss?
Suns pushed to the brink as Bucks stars grab Game 5 - July 17   (29:45)7-18-2021
Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton helped the Milwaukee Bucks overcome a poor start, and Devin Booker wasn't enough as the Phoenix Suns fell in Game 5 of the NBA Finals to trail 3-2.
Are Suns' losses to Bucks in NBA Finals Game 3 and 4 about strategy?   (30:30)7-16-2021
Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman discuss what's gone wrong with the Phoenix Suns in consecutive NBA Finals losses to the Milwaukee Bucks. Is it about strategy or just better play from the Bucks?
Suns flop as Giannis soars for Bucks in NBA Finals Game 3 - July 11   (26:19)7-11-2021
Giannis Antetokounmpo starred again, and Devin Booker struggled among other Phoenix Suns in a Game 3 NBA Finals loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. Should the Suns be concerned?
Suns bomb away from 3 vs. Bucks to take Game 2 of NBA Finals - July 9   (30:08)7-9-2021
The Suns hit 20 three-pointers and with the help of Devin Booker and Mikal Bridges survived a monster third quarter from Giannis Antetokounmpo to win Game 2 of the NBA Finals.
Booker, CP3 and Ayton maul Bucks as Suns take Game 1 of NBA Finals - July 6   (24:20)7-7-2021
Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton made their first NBA Finals games each look good in a 118-105 win against a returning Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks.
How the Suns match up with the Bucks in the NBA Finals - July 5   (29:33)7-5-2021
The Milwaukee Bucks face the Phoenix Suns in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday. Here's what matchups could dictate the series as Giannis Antetokounmpo's injury status remains to-be-determined.
The Suns are headed to the NBA Finals - July 1   (20:43)7-1-2021
Kellan Olson from Los Angeles and Kevin Zimmerman back in the Valley speak after Chris Paul closed the door on the Clippers to give the Phoenix Suns their third NBA Finals berth.
Clippers get early punch to take Game 5 from Suns - June 28   (18:09)6-28-2021
Paul George put in a monster game and the Clippers beat up the Suns early on in a Game 5 Western Conference Finals to win.
Deandre Ayton flexes in ugly Game 4 win for the Suns over the Clippers - June 27   (30:30)6-27-2021
The Phoenix Suns used a monster game from Deandre Ayton to pull out a slugfest against the Los Angeles Clippers to take a 3-1 series lead.
CP3, Booker struggle in Suns' Game 3 loss to Clippers - June 25   (17:14)6-25-2021
Devin Booker and Chris Paul played off-kilter basketball in the Phoenix Suns' Game 3 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. How concerned should the Suns be with a 2-1 series lead?
Deandre Ayton's Valley-Oop sends Suns past Clippers in wild Game 2 - June 23   (33:12)6-23-2021
Deandre Ayton caught an alley-oop over the rim in the final second, and the Phoenix Suns went ahead 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals.
Devin Booker's triple-double helps Suns take down Clippers in Game 1 - June 20   (23:34)6-20-2021
Devin Booker put up 40 points and his first career triple-double as the Suns won Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Clippers.
Chris Paul and COVID-19, Kawhi's injury and Clippers-Jazz gets weird - June 17   (18:40)6-17-2021
Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman discuss the unknowns about Chris Paul's status for the Western Conference Finals, touch on the Clippers-Jazz series and get hit by news of Rick Carlisle's departure from the Mavericks.
Suns sweep the Nuggets to make the Western Conference Finals - June 13   (22:19)6-14-2021
Chris Paul went to the elbow a ton, Nikola Jokic got ejected and Devin Booker added to the Suns' big night as Phoenix swept the Denver Nuggets to advance to the Western Conference Finals.
Suns put the Nuggets on the brink despite Nikola Jokic's effort - June 12   (29:13)6-12-2021
Nikola Jokic put up a historic line, but Deandre Ayton, Chris Paul and Devin Booker stepped up to put the Suns ahead of the Nuggets 3-0 in the Western Conference Semifinals.
Another blowout of a lifeless Nuggets team - June 10   (22:04)6-10-2021
The Suns clamped up the Nuggets not named Nikola Jokic in a 123-98 win in Game 2 thanks to another balanced effort.
Suns blow open doors vs. Nuggets in Game 1 - June 8   (33:46)6-8-2021
Mikal Bridges scored 23, Chris Paul took over late and Deandre Ayton traded blows with Nikola Jokic as the Phoenix Suns took Game 1 of their Western Conference Semifinals series. What did we take away from it?
Suns dethrone LeBron behind Devin Booker's 47, Nuggets up next - June 4   (27:44)6-4-2021
We give our final thoughts on the Suns defeating the reigning champion Lakers and look ahead to to the storylines for the Western Conference Semifinals series against the Nuggets.
Behind Book, Suns blow doors off Anthony Davis-lacking Lakers - June 1   (25:14)6-2-2021
Devin Booker had a classic start, and LeBron James couldn't make up for Anthony Davis' absence in Game 5 as the Suns took a 3-2 lead on the Lakers.
CP3 looks improved, Anthony Davis goes down as Suns take Game 4 from Lakers - May 30   (22:30)5-30-2021
Suns PG Chris Paul took another step forward in his recovering from a shoulder injury and the Lakers lost Anthony Davis to a groin issue in a Game 4 Phoenix win to their their first-round series, 2-2.
Suns have backs against the wall after Game 3 loss to Lakers - May 28   (34:36)5-28-2021
The Phoenix Suns might have to make drastic changes after the Los Angeles Lakers flexed behind their star players in Game 3. Chris Paul's injury status remains a concern as the Suns role players continue to struggle.
Chris Paul's injury, Lakers too much for Suns to overcome in Game 2 - May 26   (27:10)5-26-2021
Chris Paul's shoulder injury has lingered in a bad way for the Phoenix Suns, but other things also went against the team as the Los Angeles Lakers took Game 2.
Suns take down Lakers in Game 1 - May 23   (34:42)5-23-2021
Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman react to the Suns' win over the Lakers in Game 1 of the first round. We talk over the concerns for the Lakers, Chris Paul's injury, plus Devin Booker's and Deandre Ayton's playoff debuts.
Previewing the Lakers-Suns first-round playoff matchup - May 20   (41:40)5-20-2021
LeBron James willed the Lakers in the play-in game, and now the Suns face one of the toughest first-round matchups for a No. 2 seed in recent history.
Suns await Lakers-Warriors play-in victor - May 17   (38:39)5-17-2021
The Phoenix Suns wrapped up the regular season as the No. 2 seed. We touch on injury updates, playoff things that will impact the long-term future (contracts!) and preview the Warriors-Lakers play-in game.
How concerned are we about the Suns with 3 games left? - May 12   (31:48)5-12-2021
Kellan and Kevin rate their concern levels as the Phoenix Suns have lost three of four, plus they look ahead to the play-in scenarios and seeding possibilities.
What to watch for Suns, otherwise down the home stretch - May 6   (25:53)5-6-2021
The Phoenix Suns want the No. 1 seed. They also don't want the Los Angeles Lakers to slide to the No. 7 seed. Here's what Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman are looking for from the Suns and the rest of the NBA down the home stretch.
Which Suns have a shot at winning NBA end-of-season awards? - May 3   (48:42)5-3-2021
Devin Booker? Chris Paul? Monty Williams? Who among the Phoenix Suns have decent shots at making All-NBA teams or winning the coach or executive of the year honors?
Suns fight through a daunting road trip - April 27   (34:35)4-27-2021
The Phoenix Suns went 3-2 on a difficult East Coast road swing that included wins over the 76ers, Bucks and Knicks with losses to the Nets and Celtics. What did we take away from it all?
Who might give the Suns playoff fits? - April 14   (51:53)4-14-2021
Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman break down the last three wins for the Phoenix Suns before creating tiers of which opponents they want -- and don't want -- to play in the postseason.
Phoenix Suns split a Jazz-Clippers back-to-back test - April 9   (34:20)4-9-2021
The Phoenix Suns beat the Utah Jazz and then fell to the Los Angeles Clippers in what felt like a preview of playoff basketball. What were Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman's takeaways?
Suns keeping winning through crunch-time struggles; Torrey Craig fits in - April 1   (39:37)4-1-2021
Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman wonder how concerning it should be that the Phoenix Suns continue to have crunch-time struggles as they continue to pile up wins. Plus, Torrey Craig has been throw into the fire with ease.
Resetting expectations as Suns stand pat at the NBA trade deadline - March 25   (44:03)3-25-2021
The Phoenix Suns didn't follow the Torrey Craig trade with anything just before the NBA trade deadline. Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman use that framework to begin talking expectations for this year's team.
Torrey Craig traded to the Suns - March 17   (20:57)3-17-2021
The Phoenix Suns traded cash to the Milwaukee Bucks for forward Torrey Craig, giving them defensive insurance at wing.
Suns, Dario Saric lineup continue rollin' out of the break - March 12   (32:33)3-12-2021
Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman look ahead to the second half of the year, and the Phoenix Suns gets out of the NBA All-Star break with a win over the Trail Blazers.
Suns push up NBA standings at the All-Star break - March 4   (40:45)3-4-2021
We discuss Devin Booker's February Player of the Month run and Dario Saric's strong play to help the Phoenix Suns ahead of the NBA All-Star Game.
Devin Booker's NBA All-Star snub and the streaking Suns - Feb. 23   (33:02)2-23-2021
Chris Paul is in. Devin Booker is not -- so far -- an NBA All-Star reserve. We discuss where this ranks among snubs and touch on the Phoenix Suns' domination over the past few weeks.
The Suns' historic loss to the Nets was also fascinating - Feb. 17   (41:13)2-17-2021
Monty Williams let the Phoenix Suns ride things out as their 20-plus-point lead slipped away in a loss to the Brooklyn Nets.
Devin Booker dominates Cavs amid Suns' hot streak - Feb. 9   (36:41)2-9-2021
Devin Booker scored 36 points in the absence of Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns role players all pick up slack to push their team to six wins in seven games.
Devin Booker drops the Mavs, but Suns still finding themselves - Feb. 2   (47:54)2-2-2021
The Phoenix Suns are on a three-game winning streak after Devin Booker's game-winner, and the bench is thriving. But the team is still searching for a few things to make a leap.
Cold Suns fighting depth, clutch chemistry issues - Jan. 26   (43:05)1-26-2021
Deandre Ayton continues to shine, but the Phoenix Suns have struggled to close games lately. Is it offense? Defense? They're related, and only time can solve the issues.
Deandre Ayton's big game vs. Grizzlies says a lot about Suns - Jan. 18   (41:10)1-18-2021
Deandre Ayton flashed some aggressiveness as the Phoenix Suns returned from a week off due to COVID-19 returns, but the team continues to struggle building an identity around Devin Booker and Chris Paul.
COVID-19 hits the NBA, Suns starters have issues - Jan. 12   (37:46)1-12-2021
The Phoenix Suns starters have not only hit a wall, but the NBA is facing coronavirus crisis weeks into the new season.
How legit is the Suns' defense, bench unit? - Jan. 4   (50:11)1-4-2021
The Phoenix Suns are off to a 5-2 start in the Christ Paul era thanks to one of the NBA's best defenses so far. Will that hold as they continue on?
Three games into CP3 era, Phoenix Suns smoothing things out - Dec. 28   (34:34)12-28-2020
Chris Paul will take some getting used to, but the bench unit continues to roll as the Phoenix Suns have started out the year 2-1.
Chris Paul, Suns learning one another during preseason - Dec. 17   (45:57)12-17-2020
Three games into the preseason, the Phoenix Suns have gotten a taste of new faces like Chris Paul and Jae Crowder. We talk first impressions, the uncertainty of the bench and Deandre Ayton after a loss to the Lakers.
Training camp is already almost over for the Suns - Dec. 9   (31:51)12-9-2020
Somehow, we're already at the start of the preseason. Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman talk takeaways from a week of Zoom meetings with Suns players as they prepare for 2020-21.
Impressions of Chris Paul's Suns introduction - Dec. 2   (38:10)12-2-2020
Chris Paul introduced himself as a member of the Phoenix Suns and more talk about expectations, culture shift and how Devin Booker and the team is now viewed.
We have a Suns depth chart - Nov. 25   (40:18)11-25-2020
The Phoenix Suns have all but put a bow on their 2020-21 roster. Kellan and Kevin talk depth chart and rotation options for the Suns with free agency nearly wrapped up.
Suns sign Jae Crowder to start NBA free agency - Nov. 21   (50:41)11-21-2020
The Phoenix Suns used the mid-level exception to sign veteran forward Jae Crowder, solidifying their rotation and giving them a versatile roster to make a serious run. Where do the Suns stack up in the Western Conference at the moment?
Suns take Maryland's Jalen Smith in 2020 NBA Draft - Nov. 19   (56:21)11-19-2020
The Phoenix Suns, with Tyrese Haliburton and Devin Vassell on the board, surprised by picking big man Jalen Smith. What's his upside and why was it a surprise?
Who will the Suns take in the 2020 NBA Draft? - Nov. 17   (30:09)11-17-2020
A day before the Phoenix Suns are slotted to pick 10th overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, we take a final look at the likely targets, including Devin Vassell, Saddiq Bey, Desmond Bane and more.
It's happening! Chris Paul reportedly on his way to Suns - Nov. 16   (03:32)11-16-2020
The Suns will reportedly receive Chris Paul and Abdel Nader from the Thunder for a package of four players and a pick. Kellan and Kevin discuss how Paul changes Phoenix and what Ricky Rubio and Kelly Oubre meant in their short time with the Suns.
Previewing NBA free agency for the Suns - Nov. 12   (29:40)11-12-2020
Free agency kicks into gear just after the NBA Draft, and the Phoenix Suns have a few different directions they could head. Chris Paul trade or not, they could have money to spend.
Chris Paul traded to the Phoenix Suns? It could be a thing - Nov. 10   (44:51)11-10-2020
An ESPN report says that the Phoenix Suns have discussed trading for Chris Paul. We dive in to what the Suns would give up to the Oklahoma City Thunder, plus the risks and the potential rewards.
NBA nears 2020-21 decisions and a Suns NBA Draft Q&A - Nov. 3   (46:34)11-3-2020
It's election day, which means we distract ourselves with an update on talks between the NBA and players association before we dive into listeners' NBA Draft questions about the Phoenix Suns.
New Suns jerseys + a big-picture offseason look before the NBA Draft, free agency - Oct. 29   (34:20)10-29-2020
The Phoenix Suns appear to have new "The Valley" jerseys dropping, plus we take a big picture look at the NBA Draft and potential free agency coming next month.
2020 NBA Draft guide for the Suns: Bigs - Oct. 20   (40:40)10-20-2020
There probably won't be a scenario for the Phoenix Suns to select Onyeka Okongwu or Obi Toppin in the 2020 NBA Draft, but just in case, we evaluate them and the later tiers of big men in the class.
2020 NBA Draft guide for the Suns: Wings - Oct. 14   (12:14)10-14-2020
Devin Vassell, Desmond Bane, Deni Avdija and more are among a diverse group of wings who the Phoenix Suns might consider in the 2020 NBA Draft. Kellan and Kevin talk about their favorites.
2020 NBA Draft guide for the Suns: The guards - Oct. 8   (53:00)10-8-2020
Which guards might be at the Phoenix Suns' 10th overall pick? From Killian Hayes to Grant Riller, we talk guard prospects in the 2020 NBA Draft.
NBA Draft 'Combine' talk and an NBA Finals preview - Sept. 30   (38:32)9-30-2020
Kellan Olson gives us the latest on the NBA Draft Combine Zoom situation, while Kellan and Kevin Zimmerman discuss LeBron's Los Angeles Lakers facing the Jimmy Butler's Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.
What will the Phoenix Suns do this offseason? A Q&A   (43:12)9-24-2020
We polled our Twitter followers to see what they were curious about regarding the Phoenix Suns this offseason. Free agency and NBA Draft talk included.
Will Giannis Antetokounmpo leave the Bucks? What's it got to do with the Suns?   (46:59)9-14-2020
Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman wonder whether Giannis Antetokounmpo leaves the Milwaukee Bucks and wonder if the Suns would ever get involved. Plus we take a look at the center position for the remaining NBA playoff teams.
How will the financial crunch impact the Phoenix Suns' offseason?   (29:50)9-8-2020
Fred VanVleet's name was floated, but regardless of who the Phoenix Suns' big offseason targets are, questions about the team's future spending will come into the discussion.
Dan Bickley on Robert Sarver and the Suns' decision to draft Deandre Ayton over Luka Doncic   (20:52)8-27-2020
Kellan and Kevin are joined by Dan Bickley, whose column detailing the Phoenix Suns' decision to draft Deandre Ayton over Luka Doncic was received differently -- but always with emotion -- depending on who you ask.
Suns-centric pre-NBA Draft Lottery Big Board   (44:08)8-18-2020
Before the ping pong balls determine the Phoenix Suns' fate Thursday, we go through Kellan Olson's big board for the Suns.
Suns complete perfect bubble, Blazers keep them out of play-in - Aug. 13   (25:43)8-13-2020
The Phoenix Suns finished their perfect bubble run with a win over the Dallas Mavericks. Kevin and Kellan react just after Caris LeVert's missed jumper for the Brooklyn Nets gave the Portland Trail Blazers the last play-in spot left.
Bubble Suns beat Thunder despite Deandre Ayton's missed test - Aug. 10   (45:18)8-10-2020
Deandre Ayton missed the first quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the Phoenix Suns moved to 6-0 in Orlando. We discuss Ayton's time in the bubble and look ahead to a messy play-in chase.
Suns remain the talk of the bubble after beating Clippers, Pacers - Aug. 6   (54:50)8-6-2020
Devin Booker's game-winner against the Clippers and another decisive victory over the Pacers have the Phoenix Suns a perfect 4-0 in the NBA bubble. Regardless of their building playoff hopes, what do we make of it?
The bubble Suns are perfect so far - Aug. 3   (35:03)8-3-2020
With a 2-0 start in the bubble, the Phoenix Suns have beaten the Wizards and Mavericks despite less-than-ideal circumstances. How much are we buying as they've kept their very slim playoff chances alive so far?
Suns sell G League team + an NBA bubble preview - July 29   (36:29)7-29-2020
What can we make out of the Phoenix Suns selling their G League NAZ Suns? Plus a look at the Phoenix Suns' scrimmages and the Western Conference teams in the bubble.
The Phoenix Suns played a basketball scrimmage - July 24   (32:16)7-24-2020
Kevin and Kellan watched a Phoenix Suns NBA basketball scrimmage, and the team looked all-business. Let's overreact to basketball existing again.
A Suns Magic Kingdom Mystery - July 14   (21:04)7-14-2020
Some of the Phoenix Suns are at the Disney World bubble. Others, it appears, have yet to join them. Will the Suns be at full force when scrimmages begin in just over a week?
Suns set for bubble, and Deandre Ayton's defensive improvements   (38:15)7-6-2020
Kelly Oubre hasn't been ruled out of joining the Phoenix Suns in a Disney bubble, while Deandre Ayton's defensive improvements have been in focus this past week.
Suns ink PG Cam Payne, Monty Williams preps for resumption   (21:24)7-1-2020
The Phoenix Suns will integrate backup point guard Cam Payne into their Orlando bubble, and Monty Williams spoke to reporters as workouts continue to ramp up.
Believe in the NBA bubble? What Suns' positive coronavirus tests mean now   (26:52)6-26-2020
Kellan and Kevin give their thoughts on the NBA planning for and entering the bubble at Disney World after 16 of 302 of the initial round of coronavirus tests came back positive.
How Kelly Oubre's absence will change the Suns' time in Orlando - June 17   (34:55)6-17-2020
What can the Phoenix Suns learn with Kelly Oubre Jr. reportedly sitting out a season restart at Disney World? That and more talk about the amenities for NBA players in Orlando.
How will the Suns manage their 8 Orlando bubble games? - June 10   (32:00)6-10-2020
We wonder what the Phoenix Suns can get out of their eight games at Disney World if they get knocked out of playoff contention, then talk NBA Draft point guard prospects Nico Mannion, Cole Anthony and more.
The Phoenix Suns are part of the NBA's 22-team return plan - June 3   (30:54)6-3-2020
The Suns will be back if, as expected, the NBA owners approve a 22-team return-to-play plan. What will Phoenix's return to the 2019-20 season look like?
Suns show off arena demolition; NBA discusses return format   (38:56)5-27-2020
Kellan Olson discusses his visit to Talking Stick Resort Arena, and he and Kevin Zimmerman go through the complications of a return-to-play format that may or may not involve the Phoenix Suns.
Suns at the Madhouse, Kaminsky speaks and the NBA's Disney World plan - May 21   (24:54)5-21-2020
Frank Kaminsky spoke about his rehab, social distancing and his workouts at the Madhouse on McDowell. Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman touch on that news and dive into the potential NBA return in Orlando at Disney World.
Earl Watson claims Robert Sarver halted Suns' pursuit of Jayson Tatum   (18:23)5-11-2020
Who knows if the Suns would have had a chance to land Jayson Tatum in the 2017 NBA Draft? Earl Watson, then the head coach, tweeted that owner Robert Sarver didn't want it to happen, even though Tatum says he was all for it.
A little quarantine, a little NBA Draft, a little 'The Last Dance'   (47:51)5-6-2020
Kevin and Kellan touch on the latest news of a potential NBA return, discuss the 2020 NBA Draft a tad more, how the Suns looked on 'The Last Dance' and talk about an exercise of mock drafting an all-Arizona Wildcats team.
2020 NBA Draft lottery tiers - April 30   (57:35)4-30-2020
Kellan Olson breaks down his tiers of 2020 NBA Draft prospects, starting with LaMelo Ball and going through Isaac Okoro.
James and Monty talk coronavirus, Point Book and NBA Draft - April 16   (37:58)4-16-2020
Phoenix Suns GM James Jones and coach Monty Williams discussed an NBA restart and 2020 NBA Draft class first impressions. We dive into both, plus a little Point Book talk.
NBA Draft schedule changes and the Stephon Marbury doc - April 10   (23:34)4-10-2020
What might change about the NBA schedule regarding the draft? We talk about the latest NBA news, about the Stephon Marbury documentary "A Kid From Coney Island" and more.
Part 2: Grading the Suns' 2019 offseason moves - March 26   (55:14)3-30-2020
We analyze the Phoenix Suns' Cam Johnson-Dario Saric draft-day deal with the T-Wolves, the Aron Baynes and Ty Jerome swap with the Celtics, plus the contracts inked with Ricky Rubio and Kelly Oubre Jr.
Part I: Grading the Phoenix Suns big moves from 2019-20 - March 23   (34:41)3-23-2020
Kellan and Kevin grade out the decision to hire Monty Williams, the salary dump trade of T.J. Warren and the Josh Jackson/De'Anthony Melton/Jevon Carter deal involving the Grizzlies.
A big-picture review of the Suns' coronavirus-stalled season   (39:24)3-19-2020
Kellan and Kevin look back at the Phoenix Suns' 2019-20 season that's been played. Did Monty Williams reach his goals in his first season as head coach?
Coronavirus suspends the Phoenix Suns' season - March 12   (27:34)3-12-2020
What comes next after the coronavirus shut down the NBA season for the time being? We don't really know, but it sure has cut short the NBA Draft process.
Losing to the Pistons and Warriors is no good - March 2   (21:14)3-2-2020
After we wondered just four days ago if the Phoenix Suns could make a run without Kelly Oubre Jr., we got our answer. They lost to Brandon Knight's Pistons and Marquese Chriss' and Dragan Bender's Warriors.
Can the Suns keep pushing after Kelly Oubre's knee injury? - Feb. 28   (41:15)2-28-2020
Kelly Oubre Jr. reportedly suffered a torn meniscus. Can the Suns survive without him? Plus some NBA Draft talk.
All-Star weekend, Ayton's future and Suns still in the playoff mix   (44:22)2-20-2020
Devin Booker's first NBA All-Star appearance came in an eventful weekend. Plus, Deandre Ayton is catching people's attention, and Kellan Olson and Kevin Zimmerman discuss the Suns' slim playoff chances.
Devin Booker becomes an All-Star after all   (45:19)2-14-2020
We discuss the last-minute nature of Devin Booker's NBA All-Star appointment, how it changed the midseason narrative around the Phoenix Suns and the addition of Jonah Bolden.
Boy, the Phoenix Suns need the NBA All-Star break   (32:35)2-11-2020
Devin Booker looks burnt out, and the Phoenix Suns need their bench to get healthy havinglost six of seven with one game left before the NBA All-Star break.
Was the Phoenix Suns' trade deadline a dud?   (33:13)2-6-2020
The Phoenix Suns didn't make a trade by the deadline, but D'Angelo Russell got moved to join Karl-Anthony Towns with the T-Wolves. Is the Suns' non-action concerning?
Awaiting Luke Kennard deal, an NBA trade deadline preview   (33:48)2-4-2020
Luke Kennard reportedly is a target of the Phoenix Suns. Will they complete a trade for the Detroit Pistons guard? The Suns have other trade deadline decisions to make, too.
The Devin Booker is snubbed episode   (37:37)1-31-2020
We discuss the reactions, reasoning, implications and outlook ahead after coaches snubbed Devin Booker for the 2020 NBA All-Star Game.
Remembering Kobe Bryant & our listeners' favorite Suns trade targets   (59:05)1-27-2020
Before diving into potential Suns trade targets of our listeners' interests, we remember Kobe Bryant's career and legacy a day after his death.