Social Media For 98.7 FM Arizona Sports

Our shows, hosts and reporters provide news, analysis and commentary through social media, and you can get up-to-the-minute updates by following us.

Below, a table shows where you can find us at 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station. But don’t forget that we’re on Instagram! Find our Instagram account here.

Account Twitter Facebook
98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station @AZSports Arizona Sports
Bickley & Marotta @Bickley_Marotta Bickley and Marotta
Wolf & Luke @WolfandLuke Wolf and Luke
Burns & Gambo @BurnsAndGambo Burns and Gambo
Ron Wolfley, host @wolf987FM
Luke Lapinski, host @LukeLapinski
Dan Bickley, host @danbickley
Vince Marotta, host @Vincemarotta Vince Marotta
Dave Burns, host @Burnsy987
John Gambadoro, host @Gambo987 John Gambadoro
Kevin Zimmerman, lead editor & reporter @KZimmermanAZ
Kellan Olson, reporter & editor @KellanOlson
Tyler Drake, reporter & editor @Tdrake4sports
Erin Maloney, executive producer @CallMeMaloney Erin Maloney
Cody Fincher, producer @Bear987FM
Jarrett Carlen, producer @JarrettGC
Jordan Byrd, producer @jordanLbyrd
Kevin McCabe, host @kevinmccabe987
Sarah Kezele, update anchor @SarahKezele
Tom Kuebel, web editor @GrandpaKeebs
Jake Anderson, web editor @jwa1994
Torrence Dunham, web editor @TaDunham
Sam Graveline, web editor @sam_graveline
Wills Rice, web editor @WillsRice17
Alex Weiner, web editor @AlexJWeiner
Arizona Sports Saturday @AZSportsSat987
Empire of the Suns, blog and podcast @EmpireOfTheSuns Empire of the Suns
Cronkite Sports, contributing entity @sportscronkite Cronkite News: Phoenix Sports Bureau

And here’s how you can connect with our shows, hosts, reporters and staff at KTAR News 92.3. You can follow the KTAR News Instagram here.

Account Twitter Facebook
KTAR News 92.3 FM @KTAR923 KTAR News
Arizona’s Morning News @AZMorningNews Arizona’s Morning News
The Mike Broomhead Show @broomheadshow The Mike Broomhead Show
The Gaydos and Chad Show @GaydosAndChad The Gaydos and Chad Show
The Chad Benson Show @chadbensonshow Chad Benson Show
Jim Sharpe, host @JimSharpe Jim Sharpe
Jayme West, host @News923 Jayme West on AZs Morning News
Larry Gaydos, host @Gaydosintheafternoon Gaydos in the Afternoon
Joe Huizenga, executive producer @JoeHuizenga Joe Huizenga
Martha Maurer, news director @MaurerMartha Martha Maurer
Jim Cross, reporter @Crossfire923 Jim Cross KTAR
Peter Samore, reporter @ktarpetersamore Peter Samore KTAR
Becky Lynn, anchor @beckylynntalks Becky Lynn w/ M&G
Jeremy Foster, coordinator @Houston923FM
Monica Lindstrom, legal analyst @monicalindstrom Monica Lindstrom
Stacey Brooks, entertainment reporter @SBonTheAir Stacey Brooks
Dan Beach, traffic reporter @DetourDanKTAR
Griselda Zetino, reporter @GriseldaZetino Griselda Zetino, KTAR News
Ali Vetnar, reporter @AliVetty Ali Vetnar
Nailea Leon, desk editor @Nailea_leon22
Taylor Kinnerup, reporter & desk editor @TaylorKinnerup Taylor Kinnerup KTAR News 92.3
Steve Zinsmeister, producer @Steve_Zins
Pablo Rios, producer @Pablo923AZ
Danny Shapiro, lead editor @DannyShapiro13
Kevin Stone, web editor @kstonezone
Torrence Dunham, web editor @TaDunham
Tom Kuebel, web editor @GrandpaKeebs
Jake Anderson, web editor @jwa1994
Sam Graveline, web editor @sam_graveline
Wills Rice, web editor @WillsRice17
Julie Levin, anchor & desk editor @Jflevin
Rosie on the House, contributor Rosie on the House
Dr. Sky, contributor
The Dave Ramsey Show @RamseyShow The Dave Ramsey Show
Dave Ramsey, host @DaveRamsey
Cronkite News, contributor @cronkitenews Cronkite News