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Dion Waiters became a meme by posing after his game-winner

Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters made a game-winning shot against the Golden State Warriors.

That’s crazy because the Heat are very bad this year while the Warriors are still very good. It’s also funny because, well, Dion Waiters has a reputation in the league. Remember when he was LeBron James’ teammate pleading for arguably the best player in the NBA to give up the ball?

Dion Waiters has no scruples shooting a lot for Miami this year, and he was doing pretty darn well before the game-winning shot. He scored 33 points on 13-of-20 shooting, which included six made threes.

But after Waiters hit his top-of-the-arc three, his pose couldn’t have summed up his impeccable confidence in himself any more.

And so it became a meme.

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