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45th Super Bowl, first without cheerleaders

While Super Bowl XLV will be played by two teams with plenty of tradition behind them, missing will be the ladies who try to entertain the crowd during breaks.

Neither the Packers nor Steelers have cheerleading squads, according to, as they are two of six NFL teams who go without.

The Packers did away with their cheerleaders in 1988 after market research indicated fans didn’t really care, and in 1970 it was an “organizational decision” to dissolve the Steelerettes.

The lack of cheerleaders may frustrate some while pleasing others, as the value of the squads is up for debate.

“They aren’t necessary to a sporting event per se, but cheerleaders have always been a tradition in sports, and some of the teams have become icons in their own right, such as the Laker Girls and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, which even had their own reality TV show,” said Jamie Beckman, pop culture expert and former state-level competitive cheerleader herself.

Beckman said cheerleaders put in long hours to develop their complicated routines. Still, some argue football does not need them to make the game enjoyable.

“I have always felt as though cheerleaders were entertainment for people who weren’t really there for the game,” said LA-based sports expert Larry Tobin. “I honestly couldn’t have told you that there were cheerleaders at any of the Super Bowl games I’ve been too. I would bet that, if it wasn’t a news story, people at the game wouldn’t have even known they weren’t there.”

So, will anyone notice the lack of sideline ladies Sunday in Dallas? That is yet to be determined.