Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 6

Oct 14, 2009, 5:51 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

This week Doug has two of the top three teams going against each other as he has to stick with the Manning brothers at the top of his poll – giving the younger Manning top billing.

1. GIANTS: I said in the pre-season they’d go 7-0…toughest test is @NO
2. COLTS: I hate to admit this but I think I finally realize just how good Peyton is
3. SAINTS: Lost in the hype of the highest scoring offense is the 6th ranked defense…hey west side, Bell is still 1st in avg/game
4. VIKINGS: 5-0 is great but total yards is 1663 to 1603 and that’s too close…do you think BAL is in a good mood after their loss vCIN?
5. BRONCOS: I’m not ready to recant but it doesn’t look good for me…only 22nd in points scored but I never guessed they’d have the best defense in the NFL
6. FALCONS: 3-1 with vBUF and both TB games still on schedule… outgained by opponents but the +4 T/O ratio is why they don’t give up a lot of points
7. BENGALS: A tipped pass away from being in the top 5…4-1 and they’re 3-0 in the division with two division wins on the road—can you say home field advantage?
8. EAGLES: Vital stretch to see if you’re for real –@SF, vCHI, @DAL…defense gives up huge yards but only 17 pts/game
9. RAVENS: Tied for second and down a tie break with a brutal schedule
10. BEARS: @ATL and @CIN will make it tough to stay in top 10…no Urlacher but still in the top 10 in rush defensive is very impressive
11. STEELERS: -4 in T/O ratio and 22nd in rushing must change—vCLE is a good place to start
12. PATRIOTS: NE’s defense is average…yeah, I said that to your face Bill
13. JETS: Sanchez’s career starts now—the shine is over and there’s real adversity…perfect time to re-group vBUF and @OAK
14. 49ERS: Losing vATL is nothing to ashamed for—getting embarrassed @home…suddenly looking very average going into the bye
15. CHARGERS: How ‘bout this Norv, win vDEN and you keep your job or lose and know it’s over
16. COWBOYS: Here’s your shocking stat — this is the number one offense in the NFL…try holding on to the football and all those yards will actually translate to points

17. PACKERS: Very average football team who will feast off schedule the next two months…then comes DEC when they lose their playoff bid (I wrote this last week but there’s no need to change)
18. CARDINALS: What’s more amazing, 56.5 yards rushing/game, or the fact there’s one team worse?
19. DOLPHINS: big win on MNF…too bad another losing streak is about to start vNO, @NYJ and @NE
20. SEAHAWKS: Passer rating has Hasselbeck 5th and Warner 13th…good luck this week vAZ, it’s only your entire playoff hopes in one game

21. JAGUARS: Didn’t even show up @SEA…if they’re trailing at the half vSTL, Del Rio might not be allowed into the tunnel
22. TEXANS: How bad is AZ running game?…HOU went from 31st to 26th in rush defense
23. PANTHERS: My knock-out pick is whoever plays TB—I admit I’m a little nervous this week
24. LIONS: Your opponents get more yards than you, sacks than you, and TD’s than you, but don’t worry, at least you turn the ball over more than they do
25. TITANS: 31st worst pass defense even though teams are getting leads and not throwing the ball
26. RAIDERS: OAK will lose @ least 10 games a year until Al Davis is dead
27. REDSKINS: Will never get better until Cerato is fired…if Snyder doesn’t realize that, he’ll be in the Al Davis category
28. BROWNS: Oh the ripping I took when I said Brady Quinn was the next Joey Harrington
29. BILLS: People paid to see them lose vCLE

30. CHIEFS: I hope that 2nd round pick for TG is working out for you since your QB’s don’t need a TE to work the middle in your vaunted 29th ranked passing game
31. BUCS: vCAR on Sun is really the only winnable game on the schedule
32. RAMS: The question should not be whether Rush should be allowed to own the team but why would Rush want to own the team?

Doug Franz

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