Doug’s notes in Max Hall’s debut as starter in NFL

Oct 11, 2010, 4:31 AM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

AZ gets ball 1st here comes the Max Hall era

Great start for LSH…I’m already 0-for-1 in decision making because I thought he should have taken a knee

There were 10 guys in the box for the first run and it went no where

He was keyed on Fitz through the whole route…1st pick was easy

0-0 12:56 Saints ball

I was hoping we solved the whole TE problem

WOW…haven’t seen D-Wash since the pre-season

Great play by Rhodes to stop Shockey on the slant…that’s a Brees bread/butter play

3-0 NO…9:49

I don’t think AZ will be able to run until Max proves he can’t beat them…but I’d keep running it anyway

What was that running play? Levi went inside and it was Komar v the DE who then left him


Dropped passes will kill Hall

What was that Max? when you can run…run!

Bad punt

3-0 NO…7:02

Branch is in very early…he just ran over the LT and hit Brees

False start or off-sides…it was off-sides and the refs got it right…1st down

Johnson with some early PT as well…good hit on Colston

Great penetration from Branch…he’s playing out of his mind this quarter

DRC had no idea what he was doing on the sideline pass to Colston

There’s no LB’s closing the gap on the defense’s right side

I don’t think I’ve ever said this but Michael Adams just stopped a TD

Do you think the defense knows where the TE lines up?

10-0 1:30

They have to take advantage of another great LSH run back

Nice 8 yard gain

End of 1st 10-0 NO

Wells has to make that first man miss

Wells should have taken the 4th down play to the house…good call to go for it with the defense playing so poorly

OUCH…Hall missed a wide open Fitz as the CB handed him off to the FS and the FS wasn’t there

Great decision by Whiz…he saw the same thing and went back to Fitz…25 yd gain

Wells in the “I” and gets 5

I don’t know if Max has the authority to check out of a play but he just handed off into a run blitz when Williams had single coverage

Sack’s not on Max…how do you design an offensive play where you don’t block the DE? That wasn’t a blitz. Either that was horrific play design or Levi Brown needs to be benched. Good decision for Max to eat it.

37 yd FG 10-3 NO 11:15 2nd Q

Why does Rhodes clap after a missed tackle…should be 2nd and 15 instead of 2nd and 12

Next play was an 11 yrd gain to Colston…instead of 3rd & 4 it’s 3rd & 1

Run up the middle for a first down…I guess Rhodes isn’t clapping

How did the umpire stare down that hold and not call it?…the referee threw it from the other side of the field

Risky challenge when NO was punting anyway…he must be absolutely sure or worried about a fake

Good challenge…got 12 yards back

Good call on the hold…anyone notice Roberts with no drops

10-3 7:16 1st H

Nice swing pass to Komar to pick up 5…Fitz is just a great football player and not just receiver as he’s blocking on the play

More Wells…less Hightower not an opinion, that’s what’s happening

Here comes Hightower…he saves Max on the blitz and Hall throws a perfect back-shoulder to Fitz for 26 yds

Saints are giving no safety to help to anyone except Fitz when Wells is in the game

PATRICK! Oh Max, don’t force to Larry…he didn’t recognize the safety on the bunch set to the left. Patrick had single coverage v a LB with the LB on the line-of-scrimmage…that could have been 6

Max is staring down Fitz but Fitz is making the catches anyway

NO is reading play-action vs run very well…Wells only got 1

Max got crunched…he’s not recognizing the coverage rolling to Fitz…the other side of the field is wide open

3rd & 20 play really hurt Hightower…he chipped instead of seeing blitz in the face of Hall…he’s in because he’s great in blitz pick up…if he misses, why play him?

Downed at the 1 by Adams

10-3 NO 3:26

PICK…tipped by B-rob and the receiver…good catch by Lenon

Wells stuffed

MAX! NO! run the ball…there’s nothing there

Max just got a rude welcoming to the NFL…he’s not big enough to go head first

Levi’s TD stands because anyone can advance a fumble ( before the 2-minute warning as long as it isn’t 4th down…so it was 3rd and goal with 2:19 left in first half…it barely counts

10-10 2:19 left

Let’s see if defense gives up a FG…I say yes

Nice gain

How do Toler and Rhodes get beat deep middle?

That route to Colston opened up, not often Brees is off…good recognition by Johnson to leave his man and get to Colston

Great defense on the screen

32 yd FG 13-10 NO 1:10 left

Good short KO…Saints showing LSH respect

DA for Max

Quick decision to Williams

What kind of a throw is that? That’s high school. You’ll get your receivers killed with high throws like that

Now a delay of game?

Good decision to go with the draw…you can’t trust DA right now

13-10 H

Hagans looked really fast on the sack

Great play call and even better play by Dockett…an underneath WR screen when the defense is back-pedaling on 3rd and 16 but Dockett read it and didn’t keep going upfield

3 & out

13-10 NO 13:21 3rd Q

I love it when they go to Ben…he’s so tough to cover

Same fumble rule…Max has to keep that close to his body…good hustle by Fanaca

Great screen to Ben…Max saw the blitz coming and sucked it in and then threw it over the top

I love Tim but that was a poor choice

44 yd FG 13-13 9:04 3rd Q

Nice gain on 1st down…NO has gone back to running the ball

Terrible play by Haggans, he really got sucked in and lost the corner

Great play by DRC but the off-sides was unacceptable…wait they called FS? Then how did the play happen if there was a FS?

Bad defensive design…they had Lenon fake a blitz and then come back and find the receiver…there’s no way he can find the ball on that with Brees @ QB

D-Line getting pushed around on this drive

Branch should have been under more control and missed a 3 yd loss that turned into an 8 yd gain…but I’m not going to go nuts if AB plays out-of-control, that’s a good thing

Important to hold them to three since you let them march down the field

Great coverage on 1st & G…no pressure on Brees but no one was open

T.O. NO…still 13-13 3:00 in 3rd Q


Betts v Branch and AB wins…he’s playing out of his mind


Amazing job picking up the draw by Porter…too bad it doesn’t matter because of the FS

Great tackle by Michael Adams…anyone pick Adams and Branch as the best defensive players of the game?

MISSED FG 13-13 1:27 3rd Q

Who took over Roberts’ body?

End of 3rd

Nice play Max…stared down Fitz but then threw in the cleared out area to Wells

The throw of his life…Max had such a tight window for that throw to Fitz…that’s exactly what it’s meant when you hear analysts say throw it to where you want your receiver to get open and not when he’s open

Another great throw because he threw it out-of-bounds, he’s learning while we watch…very intelligent crowd as they cheered the throw away

29 yd FG 16-13 AZ 11:39 4th Q

Very loud for just 1st down…great crowd today

Good speed from D-Wash in coverage -1 on the play


The Spanish radio guys are going nuts

23-13 AZ

3rd & 6 go draw and go for it on fourth down

Nope, over the middle 1st down


Scary decision to go underneath the route to pick that off, if Toler knew he could do that since AZ had a 10 point lead, that was brilliant but if it was a one-possession lead

3 & out

Not a good decision on 3rd down. Wells got 9 yds on 2 carries. Give it to him again. Let your O-line win the game for you or at least show confidence in them. The whole possession only took 1 min off the clock

23-13 AZ 5:17

Saints get nothing

Peyton took a long time on fourth down to decide what he wanted to do

Wells nothing on 1st down

Don’t like the incomplete passes. Keep running the ball. In to offensive possessions NO has never had to use their T.O.

Another great punt

23-13 AZ 3:25

Good route running by Moore and found the sideline

Johnson got juked by a heavy TE

Great recovery by DRC on the near miss pick

Branch got mugged. I don’t care that it’s 4th Q, that has to be called

2nd down…Adams hand fighting with Colston…lucky no flag

3rd down…Meachum tackled by DRC, best tackle I’ve ever seen from him

Got to get that play off before 2 min warning. Bad communication between Brees and Goodwin

Didn’t see the PF on NO but the holding on Adams was a good call

Great twist on the inside and A-Dub was coming but a great pass from Brees…terrible play from Adams, sad because he’s played great all day until the last two plays

TD to Meachum, just a beautiful football play

23-20 AZ 1:49 4th Q

On-side kick and NO was off-side…Fitz recovers

OK…you’ll need to decide what to do on 4th down….if you don’t get a first down there will be around 13 seconds left on 4th down

1 yard on 1st down

0 on 2nd down

NO! NO! NO!…you can’t stop the clock there…you must run the football…this isn’t the time to be cute

Terrible clock management…you snapped it to the punter with 5 seconds on the clock, then downed the ball with 25 seconds left and you could have let the ball bounce around for another 9 seconds

DRC with the pick

Cards win!


Doug Franz

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Doug’s notes in Max Hall’s debut as starter in NFL