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Research & Doug – October 22, 2013

1) RG3 ran the zone read eight times in weeks 1-7 and eight times against Chicago. (ESPN Stats and Info)

2) When you take away the negative yards for sacks that are attributed to rushing stats in the college game, Washington averaged 14.4 inches per carry against Arizona State.(My own fine math skills)

3) The Giants’ first drive Monday Night was their most time-consuming opening drive since 1993 (9:36) and in the NFL this season (4 seconds longer than the painful 49ers drive against Arizona). (ESPN broadcast)

4) No one has ever led four fourth quarter/OT game-winning drives in their first seven games at QB until Geno Smith. (NFL press release)

5) Teams who play Seattle are 0-6 in their next game. (Yoda told me so I looked it up)

6) Tony Romo passed Kurt Warner for the most yards passing in his first 100 starts (27, 485). (NFL press release)

7) The Chicago Bears lost for the first time in franchise history when scoring 40+ points (the franchise started in 1927). (ESPN Stats & Info)

8) On passes 15+ yards down the field, Russell Wilson was completing 31percent with an INT, but against Arizona he completed 71 percent for 2 TDs. (ESPN Stats and Info)

9) Carson Palmer is the first QB in 14 years to throw multiple INTs in 5 straight games. (ESPN Stats and Info)

10) Larry Fitzgerald leads the league in INTs by target. (ESPN Stats and Info)

11) The “Fail Mary” game against Green Bay was the only game in the last seven years that the Seahawks had more sacks without blitzing than the Thursday night Cardinals game (6). (ESPN Stats and Info)

12) Patriots have forced a turnover in 34 straight games, longest active streak. (AP)

13) In his last two games combined, Cam Newton has only eight incompletions to go with four TDs and 464 yards without an INT. (I read the game notes and was impressed)
14) In the last four games, San Francisco has called more rushing plays than passing. They are 4-0 with 30+ points in those games. (ESPN Stats and Info)

15) Case Keenum completed more passes 20+ yards down the field against Kansas City than Matt Schaub had in the last four games. (ESPN Stats and Info)

16) Peyton Manning completed 75 percent of his passes when blitzed before the Colts game, and only 25 percent during the Colts game while throwing his first INT facing a blitz. (ESPN Stats and Info)

17) Roy Helu, Jr and Matt Forte became only the fourth set of opponents to rush for three TDs each in the same game. (NFL press release)

18) Of all the 50+ attempt games in NFL history for a QB, Josh Freeman completed the fourth fewest passes (37.7 percent). (ESPN Stats and Info)

19) The only players in history to have 100 scrimmage yards and a TD in the first seven games of a season are O.J. Simpson (1975) and Jamaal Charles (2013). (NFL press release)

20) A 7-0 team has never missed the playoffs in NFL history (31 of 31). (NFL press release)

21) Devin Hester now has more return TDs (with post-season included) than Deion Sanders for first all-time. (NFL press release)

22) Marshawn Lynch leads the NFL in yards after contact with 265. (ESPN Stats and Info)