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SI: Phoenix Suns have one of the brighter futures in the NBA

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

With the Phoenix Suns at the bottom of the league’s standings and already enduring four 40-point blowouts this year, it can be hard to look toward a bright future.

Despite having more 40-point losses than the rest of the entire league combined, Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Sharp writes that Phoenix has one of the brighter futures for a bottom tier team in the NBA and it’s in large part because of Devin Booker.

always bet on the rebuilding team that’s found a genuine star—and really pushes it to the limit. Devin Booker is excellent, yes, and in a league that’s increasingly dominated by explosive perimeter scorers, Booker looks poised to crack the Lillard/Derozan/Kyrie tier of franchise-changing guards.

Ranked at No. 4 on the list with only the Dallas Mavericks, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers ranked above Phoenix, there is still a lot to change for the young team, according to Sharp. The fact that the Suns facing some of the best teams in the NBA on a regular basis could also stunt the team’s growth.

Making matters worse, while teams like the Bulls can build confidence in the East, Phoenix is dealing with killers night after night in the West.

While the jury is still out on young players like Josh Jackson, Dragan Bender and T.J. Warren, Phoenix seems as though they can turn around the franchise with some time.

Not to mention, with Phoenix sitting tied for the worst record in the NBA with the Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks, they’re bound to have a top pick in a draft full of college stars such as Oklahoma’s Trae Young, Duke’s Marvin Bagley III and Arizona’s DeAndre Ayton.

For now, we’ll put Phoenix in fourth because they have some interesting young talent, Booker should be great, and with another top five pick coming, the Suns are due for something to go right.

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