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Dudley: ‘We might as well just forfeit the season’

NBA fans need to brace themselves.

There has been plenty of speculation that the NBA lockout will last a long time and the latest reports seem to confirm that.

“There’s no negotiating,” Phoenix Suns forward

Jared Dudly told HOOPSWORLD.
“Until the owners are willing to negotiate, we’re going to be locked out. The reason that the players have to do this is because if we took their deal, it would be the worst deal that any players association has ever accepted – not only in basketball, but in baseball, football and hockey as well.”

Dudley is adamant that the most recent offer by the owners will not be accepted, saying it is ridiculous.

“They don’t want any guaranteed deals,” Dudley said of the owners. “They want to move our revenue sharing from 57 percent to 47 percent. They want to guarantee that every owner makes a profit of at least $10 million each year, no matter what. That’s the biggest one. Even if the owner hires a terrible general manager and doesn’t run the team well, they will still gain a profit. You can’t have that. You really can’t have that because there has to be consequences for every action. If you were a bad writer and interviewed the wrong people, you would get fired from your job. There has to be consequences.”

It is yet to be seen how much the owners will be willing to compromise in the future, but the players appear to be ready to miss the upcoming season if necessary.

“We might as well just forfeit the season because losing 40 percent of my whole deal is more than one year of my contract,” Dudley said.


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