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Playoffs? No, we’re not talking about playoffs for the Cardinals

At 1-4 the Arizona Cardinals chances of reaching the NFL
playoffs are, shall we say, slim.

Already chasing the 5-1 San Francisco 49ers, Arizona’s
chances of turning the season around and climbing back
the race take a hit because their next two opponents are
Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

Tough as it may be, Sunday’s game qualifies as a “must
contest, according to Arizona Sports 620’s Doug Franz.

“If you really have the dream of the Cardinals having an
amazing comeback and going to the playoffs then yes, it is
must win game,” Franz said. “You’ve run out of time to
the 49ers if you’re going to lose this game.”

Even still, though, Franz says the Cardinals will not be
playing past Week 17.

“I’m not trying to be a jerk when I say this, but I’ve
given up,” he said. “I’m ready to admit the Cardinals are
not going to the playoffs.”

Franz said that does not mean he’s giving up on the
roster, adding that the team probably underestimated the
impact the lockout would have on getting so many new
players acclimated and comfortable.

Arizona Sports 620’s Ron Wolfley said the players
improving is what this season is about now.

“Who are you going to keep and who are you going to let
go,” he said is what matters now. “What kind of leadership
do you actually have inside that locker room?”

To that end, Wolfley said this season is really about
Kevin Kolb’s development.

“You can’t have a quarterback that does not make plays,
you cannot have a quarterback that is not recognized as
being a good quarterback, you cannot have a deposed
quarterback,” he said.

Besides, Wolfley says a 1-4 record basically means the
team should not talk about the playoffs.

“It’s unrealistic and irresponsible, basically, to start
talking about playoffs when you’ve got to focus on the
players that are in that locker room right now,” he said.

So even if the playoffs are out of the question the rest
of the season will not be a waste for the Cardinals. At
least, it shouldn’t be.

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