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Sitting out and watching is rough on Kerry Rhodes

A football player wants to be on the field.

Not being out there, especially when the team is
struggling, is tough to deal with.

Thus is the plight of Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes, who
watched a game from the sidelines for the first time

“It was very, very weird,” Rhodes told Arizona Sports
620’s Doug and Wolf. “It was pretty difficult on Sunday.”

Rhodes said he arrived at the stadium early and watched
warmups, and players from both teams approached him and
told him to hurry up and get back on the field because
he’s one of the best players in the league.

“The respect you see from other guys seeing you out there,
that was great,” Rhodes said. “Once the game started I was
on the sidelines and I just couldn’t take it. So I ended
up leaving and watching the game on TV.”

Rhodes left, he said, because watching from the sideline
left him upset.

“It gives you a whole different perspective of why people
get upset watching the games,” Rhodes said of watching.
“When you’re in the middle of it you’re trying your best
so you really don’t see it, but when you’re on the outside
looking in and you’re not playing, you have a totally
different perspective.”

Rhodes said it’s frustrating seeing someone not be in the
right spot, something that has been an issue for the
Cardinals defense this season.

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