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No baboon: Twitter jumps all over reporter’s autocorrect goof of haboob

There was a delay of over 21 minutes in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ home game on Monday night against the Texas Rangers.

If you were first updated on the news via ESPN’s Pedro Gomez and his Twitter feed, you were really, really confused.

No, it was not a baboon storming through the Valley, rather, a monsoon storm that caused thousands of reported outages across the Phoenix area.

One of those reported outages was the cause of the delay, which had a portion of the lights at Chase Field go out.

Gomez decided to have fun with it, retweeting several replies of baboon-related jokes.

Some of the Valley’s teams got in on the fun.

The Phoenix Zoo was there for the save in case anyone decided to take the tweet seriously.

The D-backs were down four runs going into the ninth inning and decided they were desperate.

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