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What if Skelton plays and outshines Kolb?

When the Cardinals traded away a starting cornerback and a
second round pick for Kevin Kolb, the days of the backup
quarterback being the most popular player on the team were
supposed to be over.

But a turf-toe injury has prevented Kevin Kolb from
practicing, and the QB may find himself watching the game
from the sidelines for the first time this season.

Which brings us full circle to the Cardinals new annual
tradition of the what-if quarterback dilemma.

What if back up quarterback John Skelton plays Sunday
against the St. Louis Rams and plays out of his mind?

“Well then you have a lot of problems, of course, because
the fan base is going to go nuts,” Arizona Sports 620’s
Ron Wolfley said.

Even if Skelton does play better than Kolb has preformed
this season, chances are very slim the team will create a
quarterback controversy.

“I will tell you right now that I think the coaching staff
and I think the players in that locker room and I also
think the organization is behind Kevin,” Wolfley said.

Wolfley cited the investment made in Kolb is too much to
give up on him this early in the season.

“I don’t think under any scenario, even if Skelton goes
out there and lights it up, I think Kevin Kolb will be the
starter the rest of the season,” Wolfley said.

The Cardinals are last place in the division and may need
to start looking ahead.

“When you have the 49ers at 6-1 and you are 1-6, right
now, for all intents and purposes, the rest of the season
is about developing Kevin Kolb,” Wolfley said.

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