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Here is actor Jonah Hill wearing a Suns jersey differently than you would

The casual pop culture fan knows actor Jonah Hill from movies like “Superbad” and “Moneyball.”

The internet knows him as a fashion icon and unintentional meme. Hill even has an annual Jonah Hill Day put on by his superfans.

Much of that fandom can be credited to Four Pins, which leads the internet in keeping up with Hill’s fashion choices and just this week glowed in the news that Hill made Vanity Fair’s “Best-dressed 2018” list. And on the very day Hill was added to that list, he was wearing this.

What is this? That’d be a $400 Mitchell and Ness Phoenix Suns jersey, tucked into some slacks, with laceless black leather dress shoes.

According to The Daily Mail, which covers such things, Hill was caught wearing the getup while shopping at a Balenciaga store, which in the Threads Blog’s opinion is the most dad thing, ever.

But there’s no doubt that Hill does what he wants, and what he wants is not what anyone else would think of.

The real question is: Would you rock your Suns jersey this way?

Hill’s unique take on wearing jerseys elicited mixed reactions among Suns fans and fashion fans alike.

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