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Phoenix Suns’ Babby says trade could happen, but many factors are at play

LISTEN: Lon Babby, Suns President of Operations

One of the things that comes with a 19-11 start to the basketball season is increased expectations, and with increased expectations comes pressure not to fall short.

For the Phoenix Suns, this was not exactly part of the plan, at least for how people perceived the team heading into the 2013-14 campaign. With a young roster and a bevvy of draft picks coming their way in the next few years, most pegged them to continue building, slowly but surely improving on a year by year basis.

But again, that start.

Suddenly, the young talent and draft picks look less like the future of the franchise and more like tradeable assets, the likes of which could land the Suns an established star. Said star, of course, would be expected to lead the team to a deep playoff run.

It’s the type of idea that can both fire up and worry a fan base, and when asked if the team is looking to make a big move, Suns president of basketball operations Lon Babby said the possibility is on the table.

“It’s something that we study every day and will continue to study every day until the trade deadline,” he told Bickley With Marotta Thursday. “The only thing I can say about it at this point is that the overriding principle has to be long-term, sustainable success.

“Can’t do anything that’s going to give us instant gratification if it compromises a long-term plan.”

Babby went on to say that if a deal that will help the team this year without hindering its future prospects will be looked at, but part of the hesitancy with making a big trade lies in the very thing that has helped the team get off to type of start that has led to the possibilities.

“Our team last year was brought down by a whole lot of negativity in every aspect of what was happening,” he admitted. “And this year’s team is, I think, being raised by positivity everywhere and so one of the things that you have to look at in making any kind of move is what kind of impact is that going to have on this kind of magical chemistry that is developing here?”

That, Babby said, does not mean the Suns wouldn’t swing a trade, but it’s just another thing they will be mindful of as the Feb. 20 deadline approaches.