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Watch N’Keal Harry find out in real time Pats vets are ready to cut his hair

It appears former Arizona State Sun Devils wide receiver N’Keal Harry is not aware of some of his potential rookie duties coming soon in the NFL.

While joining “Fair Game with Kristine Leahy” on Fox Sports 1, Harry was asked by Leahy which bad haircut he would rather have.

Harry was perplexed by the oddity of the question coming out of nowhere, which left Leahy compelled to make sure he knew of the New England Patriots’ tradition of giving rookies terrible haircuts.

Harry tries to play it off cool as much as he can, saying he will beg Tom Brady and the teammates not to cut his hair. He plans to implore them he will play better with his hair and will pay each member of the roster $100 for him to keep his hair.

It starts to get real for Harry when he remembers that Brady had previously made a joke to Harry about cutting the rookie’s hair. T’was no joke, Mr. Harry.

Leahy shows the first-round pick various pictures of the terrible hair, to which Harry realizes he’s probably going to have this happen to him.

“Wait, this is a thing,” Harry said. “This is bad. This is very bad.”

If there was any chance of Harry ducking the haircut, it certainly goes out the window once his teammates see how visibly upset he is at the possibility of it happening.

More of the full interview below.

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