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Arizona Cardinals’ Kyler Murray shows off video game skills

Kyler Murray can throw a football and throw it down in Fortnite.

The No. 1 draft pick recently joined YouTuber Jesser for a friendly video game match.

Jesser hosts a YouTube series called Out of Control where he competes with athletes in video games and he decided to take on the Heisman winner on this episode.

With all of his time committed to football, baseball and school, Murray still made free time to play with the sticks.

“Free time was at night,” Murray said. “I’m kind of a night owl, stay up late. My coaches did a good job of scheduling it, looking at the football schedule and the baseball schedule.”

It’s well-known that Murray grew up playing basketball, baseball and football, but Jesser asked him how he fell away from the court.

“I was always on the shorter side, so basketball got ruled out early for me,” Murray said. “But if I was tall, I’d be a hooper.”

The two played a series of battles in different modes to determine the winner, and Murray won 3-1. Ahead of time, the two agreed that the winner had to give the loser their autograph.

“Hopefully this will be a constant reminder to you that today was a bad day on the sticks,” Murray joked as he handed over the signed ball.

Earlier in the preseason, head coach Kliff Kingsbury said Fornite might be the only thing that fazes the rookie.

“As far as his mental makeup, not much bothers him, except I think losing at Fornite,” Kingsbury said. “He doesn’t take that very well.”

For reference, Kingsbury does not take to competing against Murray in Fornite.

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