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Weekend Warriors are warming up for baseball fun

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In addition to being America’s favorite pastime, baseball can be a great way for Weekend Warriors to get out, get moving and get fit. But before you line up your fellow heavy hitters and take to the diamond, it’s important to understand that with the fun and games comes the potential for injury.

Cody Olson, DO, an orthopedic surgeon with Banner Orthopedic Surgery Specialists, cites soft tissue and overuse injuries — particularly to the shoulder and elbow — as the most common injuries associated with baseball and softball.

“Pulling muscles and spraining ligaments can be fairly common,” he said. “Contusions or cuts from getting hit by the ball, hitting the ground or even connecting with cleats are also typical in the sport.”

While fractures are not very common, overuse injuries can be serious. That’s why Olson says there are such concerns about younger players when it comes to throwing too much.

“Players up to about 18 years or so need to be extremely cautious about not overthrowing so they don’t cause permanent damage to the muscles and ligaments in their shoulders and elbows.”