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Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins goes fishing and catches a stingray

(Screenshot / @deandrehopkins on Instagram)

Arizona Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins appears to be done with his group workouts with his new teammates in the Dallas area and back into offseason life.

And his offseason life is not boring. Far from it.

Hopkins went fishing, and not some backyard puddle fishing, either.

The receiver on Tuesday posted an Instagram Live video of his clash with a powerful sea fish. Upon reeling in the monster, it turns out that fish is a stingray.

Hopkins eventually reels in the creature with the help of his friends before posing with the catch.

It’s here where we can point out the animals in this case are called stingrays for a reason. Hopkins steers clear of the animal’s whipping tail. We doubt NFL contracts have anti-fishing language included in them, but we can assume Hopkins will and should not be appearing on the next episode of “River Monsters.”

Now we await Hopkins’ return to Cardinals in-person training camp, which the NFL still plans on lining up to begin for most teams on July 28.

With that, reporters will be able to ask the new Arizona wideout the tough questions: What about fishing for stingrays translates to the game of football?

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