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Suns’ Aron Baynes brought his own brisket to the NBA bubble

Phoenix Suns center Aron Baynes enters the bubble behind in many ways.

The coronavirus put him on his back for days, and he holed up in Phoenix until this week. A few negative tests allowed him to join his teammates in the NBA bubble Monday, just three days before the team’s first restart game.

At least he had time to make sure he wouldn’t be without a tasty meal as he begins a quarantine period in Orlando.

Baynes’ Instagram account often shows off his very serious smoking, grilling and pickling endeavors, and he is not leaving good eating behind while stuck in the Magic Kingdom. The Suns big man’s debut meal in the bubble was a 12-pound brisket that he revealed on social media.

It’s probably not the easiest to carve a 12-pound brisket with a plastic knife, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

“How am I meant to slice my brisket up with a plastic knife? It ain’t going to look pretty, not the prettiest, but first bubble meal,” he said. “Twelve pounds of brisket and my new brisket knife.”

Bringing along a brisket — however feasible that is without it going bad — seems like a solid move considering all the disappointing meals that were showcased when the majority of the 22 teams’ players arrived at Disney World earlier in July.

The food options have apparently grown, and players can stock their own hotel rooms with the goods that suit them.

It just so happens that Baynes’ priority is 12 pounds of self-prepared brisket, while others, like former Suns forward Josh Jackson, are happy putting together a quick Ramen meal.

The real worry is what Baynes does when that 12 pounds of meat is all gone.

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