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Phoenix Suns fully reveal ‘The Valley’ City Edition jerseys

An early leak preceded two weeks of the Phoenix Suns teasing their updated City Edition uniforms.

On Thursday, the Suns finally let us see the jersey in full.

The leak showed a black, yellow, orange, red and purple jersey with a pixelated silhouette of a mountain. The mountain silhouette is indeed that of Camelback Mountain, which isn’t far from the Suns’ under-construction practice facility.

For the first time, we get to see the shorts. They feature the pixelated setting sun along the sides above the team name and fireball logo.

“The Suns’ name is branded along the side of the shorts to further embrace their commitment to The Valley faithful, showcasing a uniform that pays homage to supporters extending from Gilbert to Glendale, Anthem to Ahwatukee and Scottsdale to Buckeye,” the team’s website reads.

The team name appears on what would be the tucked in portion of the jerseys, above the label.

Forward Kelly Oubre Jr. told ESPN’s Zach Lowe that he was pleased with the pixelated look of the jerseys — some fans are not fans of the 1980s retro look — and the black background.

“Instead of hating the jerseys, why don’t you buy one for the love of the team?” Oubre told Lowe.

Suns marketing officials told Lowe that the team had already been discussing a black jersey with a reference to “The Valley” before Oubre’s arrival.

As Lowe reports, the team was pleased that Oubre and Deandre Ayton developed the “Valley Boyz” name for their team, and that gave them more confidence in rolling out the uniforms with a reference to the Phoenix area’s own nickname.

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