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Jim Beam Barrel Bar offers Suns fans accessible social spot at the game


When fans are allowed back into the Phoenix Suns Arena on Sunday, there will be many places to see after an extensive round of renovations has given the building plenty of life.

Some of those will not be available initially, such as the area we’re about to discuss.

But in an effort that will enhance the social experience of going to a Suns game once everything is opened up, allow me to offer my opinion on the spot to go if that’s what you’re looking for out of your night out at the arena.

When it is made available, the Jim Beam Barrel Bar will be accessible to all ticketed fans. It stretches across the north end of the arena’s second level, offering three different bars and plenty of lounge seating.

The escalators that you’ve seen in the new-look pavilion that sandwich the state’s largest sports bar will take fans straight up to the area.

On that second level, there are cocktail tables, couches and more places to sit while having a drink and enjoying the game. That’s a lot more possible thanks to the new video board that makes it easy to keep an eye on the action.

And if you’re just looking to have a good time, the bar has a soundstage that will offer small-act live performances each night as well. The Western aesthetic does, yes, include the iconic barstools that are indeed saddles. The bar earns its name because it’s decorated with aged bourbon barrels straight from Kentucky.

Please allow this extremely amateur video to show you from the seats on the opposite side of the arena how much lounge space the Jim Beam Barrel Bar covers. See that curtained off section with all the glass in front in the second level? That’s this whole area.

Quite expansive!

If you take another look in the video, you’ll notice that there are special seats separated from the lower bowl that are essentially a part of this level. Those are ticketed seats, giving fans the perfect area to be a part of that bar atmosphere while also being at the game. Those seats will offer service for drinks and such, so there’s no hassle there, either.

Below each corner of the Jim Beam Barrel Bar are the Suns’ two corner bars, the first of which you’ve seen before that is directly in front of the pavilion. You can imagine what a night will be like with all three of these spaces packed, and to provide a better idea, here’s more expert camera work, this time from the inside.

To reiterate, that video is from one of the “North End Tables” sections, a ticketed area of couches and barstools that is essentially another version of a suite. Those seats are going to be the ones you’re able to see the court from, so the video board and the TVs inside are your primary options for watching the game from that area.

It’s clear one of the Suns’ primary goals for the renovations was to make the building a desired location for a night out. After seeing a majority of the new locations in the arena, which all offer that experience in different ways, the Jim Beam Barrel Bar stands out as an accessible space for everyone in the building to get that experience.

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