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Raider says Kolb is scared

While Arizona Cardinals coaches and fans all debate who should be the starting quarterback for the regular season, one opposing player wanted to put in his two cents.

Oakland Raiders defensive end Tommy Kelly, who sacked Kolb for a safety Friday night didn’t seem to have a kind review for him after their game.

“He is skittish. He is scared back there,” Kelly said. “Anytime anybody gets close to him he starts looking at the refs. As a defensive lineman you love a quarterback like that. He ain’t even trying to look at the routes no more. He is paying attention to us and you ain’t going to get nothing done like that.”

Kolb was sacked three times Friday night in the Cardinals victory, and was 3-for-6 with 22 yards and no touchdowns.

John Skelton led the Cardinals with a 3-for-3, 23 yard touchdown drive, although they started with a short field on the drive.

The Associated Press contributed to this report