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Tippett looking for physicality, less missed chances

Shane Doan has said he needs to be physical to play at his best. He showed it on
Wednesday night, leading the team with eight hits, but Phoenix Coyotes
coach Dave Tippett was not impressed by the physicality of the rest of the

“I think that’s an element of our game that can be better,” Tippet said. “We
need our whole group to be physically engaged, not just a couple guys.”

The biggest issue in Game 1 for Tippet’s team though was converting
opportunities. After scoring 2:16 into the game, the Coyotes didn’t take
advantage of four penalties immediately in the first period.

“When you get that many power plays early in a game, especially early in a
series, you could see we were a little bit antsy,” Tippett said. “I think our
guys will be basically calmed down a little bit, make the plays that are
available and [with] a little better execution, we might find some better

Tippett believes that each game in the playoffs is defined by how many
opportunities are given up. Fans can bet that if the Coyotes are presented
with another 5-on-3 power play — as they were given in the series’ first
game — they will take advantage of it.

Bryzgalov is believed to be a big part of the comeback the Coyotes must
stage to avoid going down two games to the Red Wings.

“We need him to respond well,” Tippett said. “I think he’ll come back with a
very strong game in Game 2. He’s the back bone of our team. When he
plays well, we usually fair well.”

How the Coyotes play Saturday night in Detroit will prove how well they are
able to bounce back from Game 1. In his remarks after practice, Tippett
appears confident they’ll prove they’ve learned from their mistakes.